May 31st, 2013: Antelope Squad!

This week's Weekly Featured Product is the Northern Antelope Squad. This squad is 15% off this week only.

The Antelope is a common vehicle all over Terra Nova. Northern forces have adopted it as a utility vehicle and have developed packages to add sensors and target designation systems to the flexible open design.

March 8th: More Single Pack Gears

We've had a lot of postiive responses to our single pack Gear releases from last week, so we've decided to release six this week!

Gallery Updates

I made some small changes this morning so galleries look better. On a related note, check out the new Forged in Fire gallery!

Return of the Python

The Southern Python miniature is available again! This miniature has been remastered and is now being cast with new molds.

The Python Two Pack is available now from the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.

Project Status

This entry will be kept updated with project status for creating the new Dream Pod 9 web site.
Major Sections:

  • Overal Theme: In progress.
  • Article Migration
  • Downloads
  • Pod Squad
  • Galleries
  • Other
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