January's New Releases are here!

Today the Southern City Militia is available over at the online store. In dire times, the Southern city-states draw on their local population to bolster their defenses forming City Militia Cadres.

Also the NuCoal Montagnard Squad is available to purchase! Montagnard Squads are specialized in mountaineering and are able to scale usually impassable cliffs with ease using their shoulder mounted harpoon launchers.

Remember for every full $50 you spend we will give you $5 in gifts, just put your gift in the comment section during checkout.

New Southern Box Art

A special treat for all the Heavy Gear fans today! Fresh from the printers are four new box covers for the Southern Faction! All orders shipped from next week on will be using these new look boxes for the Southern Cadres. You can order the Southern G.P., Strike, Fire Support, and Recon Cadre boxes on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.

The Pod Chatter for 01/10/13 through 01/16/13

Its Thursday and The Pod Chatter is usually up by now, but there has been so much news being announced by the Pod this week that I had to move it back a day. Without any further ado, here is this weeks Pod Chatter.

Last week we looked at some of the books needed to play your chosen faction. This week we will continue our look at the books needed to play the remaining factions: Caprice, Utopia, Eden, and the Black Talons.

The first army we will look at is Caprice, and it couldn't come at a better time. The new Caprice Task Force box deal is freshly released and available over at the Dream Pod 9 Online Store. The Task Force box allows you to assemble around a 610 Threat Value army without any upgrades or special additions to the army. More good news is that you can upgrade some of the cadres and end up with a pure Caprician force of around 1000 Threat Value. If you are feeling really adventurous you can add in some Black Talon allies or CEF allies to increase that threat value even higher. If you pick up the Caprice Task Force all the necessary books are provided for you, but if you are looking into picking just the books up you will need two and the optional Gear Up 5.

New Army for The New Year


2013 has arrived with a bang at Dream Pod 9! We are extremely excited for this New Year and we have decided to continue some of our best deals.

Introducing: New Army for the New Year! We are going to continue the Task Forces, Armor Deals, Southern Bundles, and NuCoal Bundle for a limited time to build a new army for 2013.

The Pod Chatter 01-02-13 through 01-08-13

Heavy Gear Year! It is 2013 and with the New Year brings the excitement of a new Field Guide. I, like most of you judging by the forums, have been neck deep in Forged in Fire. Let's take a a quick look at the new book and go over some of my favorite features. What stands out for me most about Forged in Fire is the beautiful artwork that fills the book from cover to cover. When I got my copy of the e book I was simply stunned by the cover art, images, and technical images of the gears. The guys have really put a lot of time an effort into bringing everyone the best product they can. I also love the new way of building an army, I think that the new layout brings a way for new and old players alike to jump straight into playing.

Forged in Fire PDF Release!

The Forged in Fire PDF is live now and available for purchase at Drive Thru RPG! If you pre-ordered any bundles or the book in PDF Santa Pod is sending out the codes as we speak, so keep an eye on your email and make sure it doesn't go into your spam folder.

Southern Republic Honor Guard Preview!

After the Southern Republic's brief civil war, the restored Estates General authorized the creation of the Legion Republic and its auxiliary MILICIA branch. Drawn from the loyalist regiments, these Honor Guards stand ready to defend the Southern Republic and the Allied Southern Territories from enemies without and within its borders. The Honor Guard Cadre comes with three Fer de Lance and two Gila Gears, along with optional parts to make different variants. Available in the Reinforcement and Epic bundles. Check them out!

Introducing the City Militia Cadre

Protecting the city-states of the South while the regular military is out conquering enemies or defending the league's borders, the City Militia Cadre is composed of volunteers from the local police force, citizenry, and retired military personnel. Included in the City Militia Cadre boxed set are two Asps, two Salamander Gears, and one Street Viper. The City Militia Cadre boxed sets are included in the Reinforcement and Epic bundles available online at http://store.dp9.com/

We're Live!

Dream Pod 9 version 3.0 is now live! This is a project that has been in the works for quite a while, and recent issues have forced us to move the schedule up a bit. 

We're still working on a lot of things. There's a lot of content to load, especially downloads. We'll be working hard on this over the holidays.

The old site is still available for the moment at archive.dp9.com or www.dp9.com/oldsite. This will be up for a while to ease the migration, but that site may have bad links and other issues.

The Pod Chatter 12/19/12 – 12/25/12


It has been a long 2012, during this year we saw the newest faction, NuCoal, come to life in the Heavy Gear Blitz Universe with fantastic new miniatures and a new way of building armies. With the excitement of NuCoal still in the air a year later, we sit on the verge of the next big release, the Sourthern Field Guide: Forged in Fire. Not only is the South getting a revamped army list, but they are also getting some new miniatures to add to your Southern collection. If you are as big as a Heavy Gear fan as I am, then you have no doubt pre-ordered one of the Southern Super Bundles for yourself or you are waiting for the Holiday money to start rolling in from friends and family. Perhaps you are a shopping procrastinator (like me) and have yet to purchase your fellow gamer anything, or yourself for that matter.

Well, below I present to you my 2012 Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide For the Heavy Gear Fan (or LMHGGFGHF for short).


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