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So we have some great news this week from Arkrite press about the State of the Game. Jason and Greg are hard at work getting the RPG up and rolling at top speed and there is some great community involvement there. Gears are perfectly designed for a RPG environment because it lets you put the player characters in near mortal danger and still have them be the heroes at the end of it. It's also a setting where you can do spycraft, be a military unit, be civilians and do it all in a future world where people matter.


The really neat part of the announcement fro me is the part where they announce that the system will be a D10 system to allow for more variation on the rolls. This is great news as for RPGs you really need the ability to differentiate between a wide variety of skills and skill levels. For Heavy Gear Blitz the choice was made early in development to keep to the venerable D6 for good reasons.

Armor Protection

As a design issue one of the hardest places to work on conceptually was how to define the effectiveness of armor in Heavy Gear. Armor as a technology is almost as old as the technology of weapons of war. There are numerous examples of how armor technology developed from simple leather and wood armor and shields to the composite laminated military armor used today.

One perspective that must be taken is the balance between the ability of weapons to penetrate armor and the ability of armor the resist the weapons has always been in flux. That this effect is poorly understood is an understatement.


Recon Reports Submitted

It's nearing that time again, when the community waits with baited breath for a rules update. This is a time of terror for some, joy for others. I consider both reactions to be interesting. As a miniature gamer I am well aware that the history of miniature gaming is filled with examples of radical veering shift in the rules of a game. The Living rules can be described that way though I prefer to describe them as an evolution of the rules into something better.

There are a couple of things that I like to iterate to people who come to me with concerns about updates and what changes can mean. 1) Don't panic. Really. Don't panic. The absolute worst reaction is always panic. Panic prevents us from approaching problems rationally and as I often have to repeat to my son the old advice of just breathe... It is okay... Read on for a sneak peek under the hood of the new update.


New Year, "This will be a good one".

As I write this we are two weeks into 2016 and already we are starting to see how the year is going to unwind for Dream Pod 9 and it's going to be good.

If you are a kickstarter backer or on our facebook page then you already have seen some of the sprues for the Caprice factions and know how close we are to being able to give the actual date for the start of kickstarter rewards fulfillment.

As part of this fulfillment there is going to be a new rule book and thanks to the assistance of many players around the world it has been road tested the way only dice hitting the table can. 

In the words of the Creator in NASA's video titled 'Ambition'; "This will be a good one."


Holiday gaming

It's that time of the year again when suddenly there are a million things to do and gaming, especially miniature gaming, often gets kicked to the curb in exchange for lots and lots of family time, travel, holiday preparation etc.


There's one tradition that all gamers should try this season that my wife and I have discovered leads to a much happier holiday season for everyone. We call it game therapy. Game therapy is pretty easy. You invite your friends over for a game of some type. But most of all you make sure that there is at least one day when your gaming buddies get the call. You stock the fridge, everyone brings something to share, there are libations available and you play. But you don't actually play a standard game, you play socially, and you make up some fun rules for a scenario for some memorable gaming. How do you do this? Read on...


When rules get re-evaluated

With the introduction of the living rule book as an online document that can be updated at any time there are new problems and new solutions that can be created in the game design process.

The first problem is simply speed. In the older paradigm where a paper rule book would be planned for every 3-5 years the rules might as well be written on stone. With the advent of online publishing the ability of game manufacturers to publish a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and an Errata to the rules. It became a possibility to update the rules between re-releases ensuring that the best possible game experience happened.

The Brute

In the NuCoal section of the living rules on page 147 there is a fun list called KADA, or Kayr-Ad-Din Army with a special rule called The Brute. "One non-commander Duelist may select a Strider type model from the North, South, Peace River, or NuCoal force lists."


These kinds of rules just begs to be used to build unique and characterful model for your force. Now not every player will build a KADA force, but every player should because it allows for a unique and fun force to build.

For my Brute I know I wanted to start with a Cataphract for 26TV. There's just something about the implied violence of a Cataphract model that deserves to be turned up to 11. You add the required Vet trait for 2TV for the skill point and then start looking at other upgrades.


Mountaineering 101

North players celebrated this past week with the release of the new North Mountaineering unit with two Leopard and two Lion Gears. 


At first it might not be obvious but the most overlooked aspect of these Gears is the Climber ability. It seems strange to say that but it is a fact that most Gears are very inefficient at climbing and the negative modifiers for being hung up while climbing terrain can act to dissuade a player from ever leaving the ground.


Living Rule book update inbound

Things are a bit heady around the pod right now. We've got two new VTOL models inbound, the Lion just dropped and the Leopard will be following soon after. The big thing that most players will want to know if how is the update to the Living rule book going?

Like most updates there is an important thing to remember about them; it is the small changes that matter.

Some changes you will see and experience right away, but most will not affect the average player as they are too limited to specific rules or models. Read on to get a sense of how these changes will affect your games.


Bases, so many bases...

By now I hope everyone has seen the awesome pic on our Facebook page that was posted on the 23rd of July.

If you haven't just follow the link


I was thinking about training an army of squirrels to pack all these for me at the workshop but then I did some research and found that it actually may take longer than just doing it... Thank you Tim Burton for figuring that out for me.



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