The Ferret Customization Modeling Contest!


It's done! We received a whole slew of pictures based on either the standing model (DP9-239) or the infamous "butt-wheel" rolling mode (DP9-249). We were looking for the wildest, wackiest, most creative reconfigurations, kitbashes and customizations you could come up with, and boy did we get them!

Rules: Contestants were asked to use one of the official Ferret variants from the Heavy Gear books, or come up with one of your own (don't forget you can use the weapon packs, DP9-242 and DP9-243, to make your life easier). The vehicle can be military, civilian or something in between, and in either walking or ground mode, but it has to be recognizable as a Ferret by the judges! Entries must be sent in e-mail, and include at least one clear image file* (under 1 meg, please) in either .jpg or .gif, your full name, mailing address and a list of the materials you used in your conversions. Each contestant can submit more than one entry, but each entry must be sent in independently and each individual person can only win once.

Now, let's check the winners!

Zamboni Ferret

Grand Prize: $50.00 worth of DP9 miniatures + 1 x Pod T-Shirt

Phil Abramowitz

" The dueling center of Khayr Ad-Din often finds itself coming into possession of a wide variety of Gears.... The Ferret 'Zamboni' has the job of cleaning up any debris left on the arena floor between matches. A large bin is attached to the rear of the Gear, which is used to hold the debris. The Zamboni is armed with a large metal rod used to spear and pick up the debris."

Second Prize: $30.00 worth of DP9 miniatures

Antti Arola

"Here's my Ferret Paratrooper Sniper, equipped with a snipered HRF and pictured on a mission (parachute spent). Due to time constraints, the Gear still lacks some detailing and a vibroknife for the left hand (explaining the pose of the arm)."

ParaSniper Ferret
Astro Ferret

Third Prize: $20.00 worth of DP9 miniatures

Jason Andresen

"...A Ferret with a huge rocket engine strapped to its rear. I had the vision of some mischevious kid getting into the thing and then being scared half to death when he floors it by accident and accelerates at 5g out of control. One thing's for sure, the Astro Ferret is an extremely wild ride!"

A huge thanks to all those who helped out or participated in the miniatures painting contest!

*Legal Stuff: All images sent become property of Dream Pod 9; sending an entry grants us the right to use the images both in promotional materials and on the Website.