Welcome to Gear Up, Dream Pod 9's Official Magazine! Inside these free downloads, you'll find an assortment of official materials for the Heavy Gear universe, as well as previews for upcoming products, tournament support, and optional rules for field testing.

The original gear up magazine was the fan club magazine put out by the company shortly after the release of Heavy gear. The first of the issues was released in April of 1996 and featured articles on leagues as well as information on regiments affiliated with the north and south.

The new magazine features similar traits, but expands on the original idea. Inside each quarterly issue you will find some of these elements:

  • Heavy Gear Foundation: Heavy gear 2nd edition rpg support material.
  •  Terra nova Odyssey: An ongoing comic exploring stories relating to the Heavy gear universe and History.
  • Skunkwerks Field Testing: Official Optional rules for Heavy gear Locked & Loaded
  • Terra nova War stories: League Announcements, support, rankings, and Battle reports.
  • Developer's notes: Articles featuring new products
  • Official errata
  • Gambit Gear: Brad Bellows' 1000TV tournament- ready armies.
  • Intelligence Briefing: new Combat groups or Vehicles to add to existing armies.
Gear Up Issue 1
  • Preview of Terra Nova Gambit: The War for Terra Nova Book 2
  • Terra Nova Odyssey comic, Part 1
  • Preview of Operation: Drop Bears Dive!
  • Gambit Gear focus on CEF and Utopia
  • Utopian rules primer and template
  • Field Testing: Defense Modifiers
  • Errata
  • Catalog of DP9 products
GU1Free PDF available via DriveThruRPG.
Gear Up Issue 2
  • Painting Contest Results and Photos
  • Heavy Gear Arena Preview
  • Utopian Armigers and Drones for Heavy Gear RPG
  • World at War: Gear Krieg spread
  • Updated Badger Photos
  • Medical Support Section rules
  • The Drop Bears Diggers rules
  • Gambit Gear focus on WFPA Crazy Eights and SRA Skyhawks
  • Terra Nova Odyssey comic, Part 2
  • Field Testing: Revised Range Bands
  • Errata
  • Quick Reference Flowcharts
  • Product Catalog
Gear Up 2Free PDF available via DriveThruRPG.
Gear Up Issue 3
  • Show Me Your Colors! (Painting Spotlight)
  • Slice and Dice (An introduction to Heavy Gear Arena)
  • Boa & Gladiator stats for Heavy Gear Blitz! & 2nd Edition RPG
  • Terra Nova Terraformer (Terrain Modeling)
  • Artist Interview Luca Zampriolo
  • Field Testing: HHT-90 Combat Group and Multi Component Vehicle Rules
  • Field Testing: New Overkill Rules
  • Revisions and Errata
  • Southern Medical Support Section
  • PRDF Medical Section
  • PAK/CEF Medical Section
  • New North & South Infantry
  • Battlefoam Bag Preview
  • Terra Nova Odyssey comic, Part 3
  • Prime Knight Weapon's Locker
  • Conventions & Pod Squad Field Operations
  • Black Ops on the Terra Novan Battlefront
  • Product Catalog
GU3Free PDF available via DriveThruRPG.
Gear Up Issue 4
  • Golden Gear 2011 Miniature Painting Contest
  • Show Me Your Colors
  • HHT-90 After Action Report
  • Hunt for The Overlord
  • Templecon 2011 + Buttwheel 500
  • Wildcat & Copperhead RPG Writeup
  • Heavy Gear Arena FAQ & Errata
  • Combat Engineering Companies
  • Interview: Mariko Shimamoto
  • Army Spotlight: Milicia Part 1
  • Life In The Milicia
  • Milicia Equipment Locker
  • Primary Solutions Part 4
  • Gambit Gear: Milicia
  • Terra Novan Terraformer
  • Official Rules: New Heavy Hover Tank
GU4Free PDF available via DriveThruRPG.
Gear Up Issue 5
  • Golden Gear Painting Contest Gallery
  • Terranovan Terraformer
  • Show Me Your Colours
  • Dream Pod 9 Studio Masterclass
  • Artist Interview: David Tauzia
  • Critical Mass Fiction
  • Captain Alston Ash-Dreyes: NuCoal Special Character
  • Primary Solutions Part 5
  • Pod Field Ops for GenCon 2011, TempleCon 2012, NeonCon 2011, and Game Summit 2012
  • Army Spotlight: Milicia Part 2
  • You Can't Always Get What You Want Fiction
  • Milicia Uniform Study
  • NuCoal in Heavy Gear Arena
  • Field Testing: New Threat Values
GU5Free PDF available via DriveThruRPG.