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Northern Regiments

Regimental Information
(Designation, Nickname, CO, Garrison, Source)

31st Heavy Gear Regiment (NG) Desert Shark Col. Shane Hoffman Badlands Hunter Boxed Set
33rd Heavy Gear Regiment (NG) Roving Guns Col. Selene Münschtradler Badlands HG Rulebook, 1st Ed.
74th Heavy Gear Regiment (NG) Nova Redriders Col. Niels Moergant - HG Rulebook 1st Ed.
99th Heavy Gear Regiment (NLAF) Blue Angels Col. Neel Garner Fulan Massada ITB
- Aces of Heart - - -
- Busybees - - -
109th Heavy Gear Regiment Lionhearts Colonel Felicity Parx Ashington Gear Up Newsletter

Peace River Defense Force Regiments

Regimental Information (Designation, Nickname, CO, Garrison, Source)
3rd Heavy Gear Regiment (PRDF) The Paladins Com. Gabrielle Hunaman Western Desert ITB

Southern Regiments

Regimental Information
(Designation, Nickname, CO, Garrison, Source)
12th Heavy Gear Regiment (MILICIA) Azure Devils - Badlands HG Rulebook, 1st Ed.
49th Heavy Gear Regiment (MILICIA) Silver Vipers - Badlands HG Rulebook, 1st Ed.
11th Heavy Gear Regiment (MILICIA) Rapiers Com. Giyon Nazier Lance Point ITB
76th Heavy Gear Regiment (MILICIA) Ghosthawks Commandant Marcel Odragun Azov Gear Up Newsletter
1st Gear Regiment (SRA) Pride of the Republic Com. Molière Peregrine Port Oasis SRAL
5th Gear Regiment (SRA) Tin Men Com. Hans Elyaeson - SRAL
12th Gear Regiment (SRA) Ignus Legionnaires Com. Sandra Shanelle Oxford SRAL
17th Gear Regiment (SRA) Sand Demons Com. Duane Fraiser - SRAL
21st Gear Regiment (SRA) Green Hell Com. Lizabeth Forest Esperance Basin SRAL
54th Gear Regiment (SRA) Les Montagnards - - SRAL
99th Gear Regiment (SRA) The Skyhawks - - SRAL
15th Cavalry Regiment (SRA) Buffalo Soldiers - - SRAL
104th Infantry Regiment (SRA) Straight Razors Com. Alphonse Heink - SRAL
1st Maritime Regiment (SRA) Sea Serpents - Ashanti SRAL
2nd Légion Noire Regiment (SRA) The Damned Com. Henri Mikashi - SRAL
SRID Black Ops Regiment (SRA) Les étrangers France-Marie Lijong - SRAL
2nd Siwa Guards The Grey Coats Com. Nacia Beaupré Siwa Oasis SRAL
4th Timbuktu Militia The Street Rats - Timbuktu SRAL