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DP9's Extra Funding Campaign for our Peace River & NuCoal Core Plastic Miniatures is now live on the DP9 Pledge Manager website. Our Kickstarter raised over $40K CAD, unlocking our initial funding goal and numerous stretch goals, but not the $50K CAD goal we really wanted to reach. Hence our Extra Funding Campaign, please support Dream Pod 9 as an Outside Backer and pickup a new plastic miniatures army for Peace River, NuCoal, and/or Utopia at $70 CAD each, or one of our other great Backer reward level deals and maybe a few Add-Ons as well.

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We're Terra Novans, the same as anyone in Marabou, Fort Henry, Olduvai, or Port Oasis. We're standing up for the Badlanders that get walked over whenever the North decides to invade the south or vice versa. The CEF's back: We've got Port Arthur on our side and we're not going to let them walk over us.
-Zed Echert, Ninevah Resident

The New Coalition

NuCoal is an alliance of city-states in the badlands. The city states formed a united government to provide protection from the massive Northern and Southern polar forces that have a histroy of taking advantage of the smaller independent city-states found throughout the Badlands of Terra Nova. A controversial addition was the city-state of Port Arthur, founded by abandoned CEF forces. Port Arthur provided a strong military backbone, including over one hundred thousand GREL supersoldiers, while NuCoal developed their own military.

NuCoal became a major player during the War for Terra Nova, the CEF's second invasion attempt. The CEF has focused on targets within NuCoal's territory for unknown reasons, and NuCoal has deployed thier military to repel the invaders. They are fielding a force of new designs ranging from the tiny high-speed Jerboa Recon Gear to the massive Hussar Tankstrider.

Perfect Storm - NuCoal Field Guide

The Perfect Storm NuCoal Field Guide contains complete army lists for the NuCoal Self Defense Force and the Port Arthur Korps. It also continues the story of the the War for Terra Nova and is the first in a series of Field Guides for the factions in the Heavy Gear Universe.

  • Blitz Army Lists for NuCoal and Port Arthur
  • Background on NuCoal and Port Arthur
  • Details on the Military Organization
  • Vehicle Compendium
  • Duelist and Ace Pilot Support
  • The Siege of Temple Heights
  • Painting Guide & Gallery
  • Datacards

This Full Color, 136-page book is a Field Guide (Faction Army List) for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniature game. In addition to the core rulebook, some six sided dice, and Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear miniatures are required for play. For two or more players, ages 8 and up.

DP9-9191cFull Color
DP9-9191c+PDFull Color with PDF Included
Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual: Core Rulebook Companion

The new Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual - Core Rulebook Companion is a rules supplement that adds a new and exciting style of game play to Heavy Gear Blitz! This book takes the field test rules featured in the first 3 issues of our Gear UP eZine and revises the Locked & Loaded rulebook sections with new rules flow charts for ease of use and new datacards for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniatures.
Softcover, 54 pages, Black & White

DP9-9997Black & White
DP9-9997cFull Color
PDFIncluded with Locked & Loaded PDF
PDFIncluded with Black Talon: Return to Cat's Eye PDF


File Size File Type Description
NuCoal Datacards 10.09 MB pdf

Single file containing all datacards from Perfect Storm: NuCoal Field Guide.

Special Datacards
File Size File Type Description
Blank PAK Datacard 177.33 KB pdf
Armor Datacards
File Size File Type Description
HC-3A 212.95 KB pdf
HPC-64 206.37 KB pdf
HT-68 212.52 KB pdf
HT-72 217.61 KB pdf
LHT-67 206.19 KB pdf
LHT-71 207.77 KB pdf
HT-68 309.35 KB pdf
HT-72 234 KB pdf
LHT-71 295.37 KB pdf
LHT-67 275.86 KB pdf
APC Datacards
File Size File Type Description
HPC-64 APC 296.96 KB pdf
Infantry Datacards
File Size File Type Description
PAK Infantry 2.59 MB pdf
PAK ORV Infantry 594.61 KB pdf
File Size File Type Description
Final Week Heavy Gear Blitz Peace River and NuCoal Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter Pledge Calculator 54.5 KB xls

Heavy Gear Blitz Peace River and NuCoal Kickstarter for Core Plastic Miniatures. This download is the Pledge Calculator excel sheet updated for the final week, for backers to use to easily calculate their pledge amount to enter in the Kickstarter. It includes all the Reward Levels and Add-Ons available.

NuCoal Jerboa Sprue 3d PDF 4.36 MB PDF

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