Number OneHeavy Gear Blitz Starter Army's

I love these starter armies! They are one of the easiest ways to pick up and get playing, plus the price point can't be beat. Inside each of these boxes you will find a tape measure, a digest size black and white Field Guide, the appropriate army book to build your force, and the miniatures.


Number Two – NuCoal: Perfect Storm

I realize that not everyone plays NuCoal, but this deal is hard to beat for anyone interested in the fluff and the direction that Heavy Gear Blitz is taking. The ebook copy is only $20 over at, but if you are a book fanatic, like me, then you will want the full color physical copy for $55 (or maybe you want both for a package deal of $65). Pick one of these up and peruse through, I'm sure it will wet your whistle for the impending release of the Southern Field Guide: Forged in Fire, or maybe the next Field Guide...


Number ThreeTask Force Deal

Ok, this is my absolute favorite deal Dream Pod 9 has every come up with. You can't beat this, you are getting just about everything you could possibly want for your chosen faction. I added the savings (somewhere in the neighborhood of $65 to $80 depending on which deal you pick) up when the Task Force deals first came out and came to the conclusion that if I wanted to delve into a faction, this is the deal I should jump on and not pass up. My faction of choice is Peace River and I have tons of Peace River gears sitting around the office still in their blisters. They are begging for me to take them out, put them together, paint them, and put them on the tabletop to crush my enemies, but when I saw the Task Force deal I found it to hard to pass up, so...

...I bought a C.E.F. Task Force! This is me, clearly excited after my purchase....Now to put these together and paint them...

Number Four – Armor Deal

As I have shared above the Task Force Deals have just about everything you need except tanks, and who doesn't love a tank bearing down on your enemies. Since I purchased the C.E.F. Task Force, it seemed appropriate that I picked up the C.E.F. Armour Deal. Now that I am up to my ears in miniatures I think I probably need to start thinking about finishing my factions.

Number FiveIguana MP Xmas Mini

The last item on my list is the Xmas Mini! This is a great gift or stocking stuffer for the Heavy Gear Fan in your life.

This little beauty can be yours for any order over $50 placed before January 7th 2013, or for $12. Spend the money and give him to a friend, they love you forever and think you really put some thought into their gift this year.

Well that is this year's LMHGGFHGF! I really think I need to find a better acronym for next year, oh well enjoy the list for now and don't forget to send me any number of the items on the list. Remember there is free shipping on all orders over $50 to the US and Canada before January 7th 2013.

I would love to see your miniatures and feature them on the weekly blog, so snap some good photos of your miniatures and email them to me griff.briggs [at] Remember to attach a brief description of how you painted the miniature and anything else you want everyone to know, about your miniatures that is!