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Our newest downloads are available as single files containing all you need hosted at Drive Thru RPG, who also carry older releases of RPG and wargaming rules. Additionally, we have individual data cards and other files available in the Older Downloads section, below.

Heavy Gear Blitz Living Rulebook Heavy Gear Blitz Quick Start Rulebook Jovian Wars - Beta Playtest Rules


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File Size Description
Heavy Gear RPG Character Sheet 95.79 KB
Heavy Gear SilCORE Character Sheet 55.23 KB
Vehicle Construction System 1.26 MB

Heavy Gear Vehicle Construction System used to provide prices and Threat Values for new and variant vehicles for RPG/Tactical scenarios.

VCS Worksheet 479.25 KB

Helpful worksheet for the Heavy Gear RPG/TAC Vehicle Construction System.

SilCORE Heavy Gear Tactical Weapons 59.26 KB
Gear/Vehicle Record Sheet 160.8 KB
5 Gear Record Sheet 17.87 KB
Infantry Record Sheet 197.14 KB
Terra Nova World Map 1.06 MB
Terra Nova Complete Map 1.06 MB
DP9 HG Web Artwork Pack 2.82 MB

Images for fan sites and similar.

Errata for DP9-9104 3.5 KB
DP9-105 Second Edition Duelist's Handbook Errata 688 bytes
DP9-107 Raids and Raiders Errata 2.81 KB
Drones 709.28 KB

Drone vehicle descriptions.

Revisionist Church 2.08 MB

John Bell's amazing papercraft Revisionist Church.

Urban Series 2.1 MB

Paul Lesack's extremely cool papercraft urban buildings for Heavy Gear. 

Barnaby Card Model 1013.77 KB

An amazing papercraft Barnaby Gear Transport courtesy Paul Lesack!

Giant Stonehead 340.68 KB

Another wonderful papercraft project courtesy Paul Lesack. This one is templates and instructions to build a giant stonehead.