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Our newest downloads are available as single files containing all you need hosted at Drive Thru RPG, who also carry older releases of RPG and wargaming rules. Additionally, we have individual data cards and other files available in the Older Downloads section, below.

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File Size Description
Arena Crowd Strips (Grey Background) 1.22 MB

Arena Patrons ready to be cut out and placed in seats!

Arena Crowd Strips (White Background) 1.28 MB

Background decorations for Arena terrain.

Arena Ramp Arrows 625.9 KB

Arrows to designate ramps.

Arena Sponsor Logos (Grey Background) 1.04 MB

Sponsor logos to help decorate Arenas. These can also be useful to provide signs and markings for other Heavy Gear terrain projects.

Arena Sponsor Logos (White Background) 1.06 MB

Large logos of various Terra Novan companies with white background.

Barnaby Card Model 1013.77 KB

An amazing papercraft Barnaby Gear Transport courtesy Paul Lesack!

Camel Containters 572.07 KB

Great papercraft cargo containers for the Camel transport from Paul Lesack.

Comm Tower 407.15 KB

Paul Lesack's papercraft communciations tower model.

Commercial Series 1.82 MB

Wonderful papercraft buildings from Paul Lesack designed to look like shops and garages.

Giant Stonehead 340.68 KB

Another wonderful papercraft project courtesy Paul Lesack. This one is templates and instructions to build a giant stonehead.

Heavy Gear Revisionist Church 2.08 MB
Military Series 2.68 MB

Paul Lesack's great papercraft military structures for Heavy Gear.

Paper Terrain Pyramid 694.51 KB
Paper Terrain Ramp 557.95 KB
Revisionist Church 2.08 MB

John Bell's amazing papercraft Revisionist Church.

Terra Nova Globe 218.02 KB

Paul Lesack's globe of Terra Nova. (Some assembly required.)

Texture 1 58.23 KB

Texture to decorate Arena scenery.

Texture 1 58.23 KB

Texture useful for Arena terrain.

Texture 2 62.12 KB

Texture to decorate Arena scenery.

Urban Series 2.1 MB

Paul Lesack's extremely cool papercraft urban buildings for Heavy Gear. 

Urban Series 2.1 MB