Returning to the Heavy Gear Universe: Twenty Years of Heavy Gear Roleplaying

Dream Pod 9 is pleased to announce a multi-year exclusive license with Arkrite Press LLC for the Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game as well as a line of RPG miniatures and models to support game play. Additionally, Arkrite Press LLC is licensed to publish Heavy Gear fiction and merchandise in a variety of mediums.

Heavy Gear 20th Anniversary

The 1st Edition Heavy Gear Roleplaying & Tactical System Rulebook was released 20 years ago this summer at Gen Con 1995.


Over the years we have released over 75 books and hundreds of miniatures for the game. The universe we created has been turned into a 40 episode TV series by Sony and 2 computer games by Activision.  A new computer game entitled, Heavy Gear Assault, is in development by Stompybot Productions.  And a new edition of the RPG is in the works by Arkrite Press. We launched a successful Kickstarter in late 2014 to make plastic miniatures for Heavy Gear, which weíll be shipping out Backer Rewards later this year. Plus the Heavy Gear Blitz - Living Rulebook Beta with the all the new edition rules is now available as a free Ebook download for everyone to checkout. 


We are running a special 20th Anniversary promotion on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store until the end August 2015. All orders of $100 USD or more will automatically receive a free Chibi Jager resin miniature (limit 1 free per customer). Extra Chibi Jagers and the Xmas 2014 Chibi Hunter are available for $19.99 USD each. 

Alone in the Jungle

Was this an 'Action-Adventure Buddy' film or a 'Survival Horror' movie?

Everybody Out of the Bus!

Let's hit the ground fast and remember, short, controlled bursts.

An Ancient Ship

Unknown plots unfold in Skavara.

Searching the Skies

Did anyone see any planes around here?

Fire is Always The Answer

Plan C: Set it on fire and run like crazy!

Ghost Story

I'll take the shot when I'm good and ready.

Follow Me

I know a ahort cut.


Take evasive action!

The world of Heavy Gear was created long before Heavy Gear Blitz. it's earliest beginnings were as a card game and a combined role-playing and tactical wargame product line. The history of Heavy Gear has included a card game, three versions of the tabletop Role Playing Game (With tactical rules supporting stand-alone play), two hit PC games, dedicated miniatures rules, and an animated TV program. This page is meant to serve as a gateway to the RPG and tactical side of the game as well as including some insights into Heavy Gear's rich history. 

Heavy Gear Role Playing and Tactical Game

The world of Heavy Gear was created long before Heavy Gear Blitz. it's earliest beginnings were as a card game but the combined role-playing and tactical wargame books were the heart of the setting for many years. It is difficult to distinguish between 'RPG' and 'Tactical' content in many books, as they offered a rare conbination of both spread over dozens of books detailing Terra Nova and beyond. 

Heavy Gear Fighter

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