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Welcome to the 23rd Century

The sudden explosion sends you tumbling wildly out of control. Frantically, you grip the maneuvering sticks, struggling with the verniers and apogee thrusters in a desperate attempt to correct your flight vector. Luckily, the resistant outer layers of composite laminated armor covering the heavy torso of your exo-armor have flash-vaporized under the megajoule pulse of the enemy laser beam, sparing you a cold death in the vacuum of space. Your helmet display shows your new trajectory and the gigantic silhouette of the colony cylinder you are protecting, bright pinpoints of light marking the location of the attackers to your left....

Welcome to the 23rd Century

You react quickly, spinning your exo-armor around and raising your right arm to align the targeting crosshair with the most likely vector of your rapidly moving opponent. Your massive battle machine mimics your action, its arm-mounted massdriver spewing out a barrage of hypervelocity slugs. A bright explosion in the distance - one down, one to go! Better end this fast, you think: the gauge on your reaction mass tank is already in the red. But you're not worried; you're the best pilot of the Confederation, after all.

Jovian Chronicles RPG and tactical

The Jovian Chronicles recount the stories of one possible future, a time in which Mankind has expanded and settled the solar system, going as far as terraforming Venus and Mars. The Chronicles introduce a complete science fiction universe for roleplaying and tactical space combat, featuring giant spacecraft and epic space battles. The game features a blend of action/adventure and hard-science space colonization facts. Although the books are not intended to be big engineering manuals, they remain chock-full of the amazing yet plausible technical details that are so much a part of realistic science fiction settings. All those fascinated by the wondrous concept of space colonization will find more than enough to satisfy them in the Jovian Chronicles.

Jovian Chronicles is based on the Silhouette game engine, a streamlined, easy-to-use set of rules that is already described in Heavy Gear, Dream Pod 9's other highly successful science fiction game (see the Silhouette section of this Web site for more details). Depending upon your gaming group's preference, the Chronicles can be played as either a roleplaying game, a tactical board game, or a smooth integration of both. Roleplayers can easily ignore the tactical sections of the rules, if preferred.

To help newcomers get a better picture of the Jovian Chronicles, here are a few tidbits of information that paint a rough portrait of this great science fiction saga. Fasten your seat belts - we&'re boosting out of orbit right now!

Lightning Strike

The strike carrier thundered ahead, its massive hull gleaming in the light of the distant Sun. Its companions were spread out in a loose attack formation, ready to cut a swath through CEGA's massed fleet.

"Stay alert, people -- they know we're coming." The captain secured the seal on his pressure suit and dropped his hand to the seat beside him, resting it on the reassuring smoothness of his helmet. "Come on. . . where are they?"

"Launch flash! Missile launch confirmed, captain. We're getting a fix on the launching ship - "

"Captain, I'm reading several bogeys twenty clicks off our port bow", said the tactical officer.

"Fighters?" replied the captain, his biting tone showing his annoyance at this unexpected turn of events.

"Unclear. . . but I don't think so. Velocity's wrong. Wait." The crewman punched a few controls and pointed at his screen. "Confirmed -- Wyvern-class exo-armors on standard inbound attack vector."

"Damn! Scramble the pilots. I want them out there now!"

The ship was rocked by a large explosion as one of the exos opened fire with its massive arm-mounted gun. The attacker was blown in half as it turned to fire a second volley, its powerplant exploding in a blinding flash of light. A Stormrider exo-armor flashed a victory sign to the relieved bridge crew before heading off to hunt down the rest of the attackers.

Lightning Strike is a game of tactical fleet combat set in the universe of the Jovian Chronicles, simulating the numerous space battles fought between the solar powers in the early 23rd century. Players take the part of fleet commanders in the conflict, viewing the battle from above and giving orders to the participating units. This book includes basic rules and counters allowing players to take the side of either the Jovian Confederation or the Central Earth Government and Administration (CEGA). Within these covers you will find:

  • Quick Start rules to start playing immediately;
  • Full rules for fielding exo-armors, fighters, exo-suits and warships;
  • Advanced rules for aces, boarding actions, electronic warfare and special maneuvers;
  • Extensive campaign rules, including resource management and strategic deployment;
  • Information and game statistics for the major Jovian, CEGA and Venusian combat spacecraft;
  • A full-color game counter sheet.

Jovian Chronicles Core Content

Jovian Chronicles Downloads

Lightning Strike
Frame Datacards
File Size File Type Description
Stormrider 67.79 KB pdf
Exo-Armor Datacards
File Size File Type Description
Brimstone 67.18 KB pdf
Cerberus 108.51 KB pdf
Dragonstriker 122.52 KB pdf
Fury 79.4 KB pdf
Hector 81.3 KB pdf
Pathfinder 77.84 KB pdf
Pathfinder Command/Recon 81.79 KB pdf
Pathfinder Sniper 78.99 KB pdf
Retaliator 73.37 KB pdf
Ryu 103.6 KB pdf
Syreen 69.83 KB pdf
Wyvern 73.79 KB pdf
Wyvern Command/Bomber 80.96 KB pdf
Wyvern Marine 74.37 KB pdf
Spaceship Datacards
File Size File Type Description
Athena 97.29 KB pdf
Bricriu 79.93 KB pdf
Godsfire 73.83 KB pdf
Hachiman 69.48 KB pdf
Huang-Ti 93.73 KB pdf
Javelin 66.47 KB pdf
Poseidon Battleship 75.32 KB pdf
Shan-Yu 84.47 KB pdf
Tengu 84.6 KB pdf
Thunderbolt Cruiser 85.26 KB pdf
Uller 103.68 KB pdf
Valiant Strike Carrier 81.4 KB pdf
Fighter Datacards
File Size File Type Description
Brunnhilde 71.73 KB pdf
Lancer 70.61 KB pdf
Wraith 75.75 KB pdf
Quick Start
File Size File Type Description
Jovian Chronicles Lightning Strike Demo Game 463.21 KB pdf
File Size File Type Description
DP9-314 Lightning Strike Rulebook Errata and Clarifications 3.42 KB txt
DP9-322 Lightning Strike 2nd Edition Rulebook Errata and Clarifications 1.45 KB txt
Jovian Chronicles
File Size File Type Description
DP9-301 Jovian Chronicles Rulebook Errata 570 bytes txt
DP9-303 Jovian Chronicles Mechanical Catalog Errata 521 bytes txt
DP9-304 Chaos Principle Errata 3.03 KB txt
Spaceship Record Sheet 29.88 KB pdf
Vehicle Record Sheet 31.63 KB pdf
Character Sheet
File Size File Type Description
Jovian Chronicles Character Sheet 35.37 KB pdf