Black Talon

I was privileged to see the Black Talons in action in an operation near Gardena in Spring TN 1950. I wish I could say more, but the details are considered secret. Nonetheless, their performance was exemplary.
-Humanist Alliance Protection Force Penkosarch Alven Frust
Been there, done that. I've blown up CEF on Terra Nova, ready to try it on Caprice!
-Unnamed Black Talon pilot

The Black Talons

The CEF stomped on an ant hill when they attacked Terra Nova. Now us ants are stopping back.

-Lieutenant Falls Warton, former WFPA Tank Commander in retraining as Black Talon Strider Commander.

Formed after the bombing of Peace River and the resolution of the Interpolar War, the Black Talons were organized as a force drawn from all peoples of Terra Nova with the mission to take the fight to colonies conquered by the CEF forces. Their ultimate goal is even to strike at Earth itself to guarantee Terra Nova's independence. In their earliest missions, the Black Talons fielded heavily customized versions of older Terranovan Heavy Gear designs enhanced with improved duelist-grade components and cutting-edge stealth systems. The early Black Talon missions were often paired with adjunct forces that act in an almost diplomatic capacity to other colony worlds, but the spear-point of the Black Talons are teams of expert Gear pilots drawn from the best of the military and duelists.

With the CEF invasion, the Black Talon have been forced into a defensive role to repel the CEF onslaught. They are the best of the best, and as such are the best equipped forces to go into heavy fighting with the invasion forces. 

The Black Talons have a unique arsenal of Dark Series deisgns modified from older Heavy Gears, but these are being replaced by the advanced Claw series gears. The Claw series are new designs based off protoypes and technology from a range of Terranovan sources. Both the Dark and Claw series vehicles are equipped with stealth technology and field the best weapons available. 

The Black Talons also have brilliant tactical leadership, allowingt hem to time their assaults to take advantage of the cover of darkness.

While they often act independently, Black Talons can also be fielded as allies to a range of other factions, including the forces of Caprice and Utopia.

Black Talon - Return to Cat's Eye

Aftershocks and political fallout from the Interpolar War and the destruction of Peace River have left Terra Nova reeling. With Earth identified as the culprit, Terra Nova's governments have resolved to never to be caught off guard again and the Black Talon program was formed for the purpose of being sent off planet to recon Earth’s former colony worlds. Their first mission is the gate world Caprice, with its orbital fleet yards that were the staging grounds for the first attack on Terra Nova. They have the training and equipment with which to observe and sabotage Earth's Colonial Expeditionary Force (CEF) wherever opportunities arise and gain new allies whenever possible.

But it was not enough. The CEF is hell-bent on recapturing control of the colonies and has the largest fighting force in human history. War is coming, a war beyond anything that we've seen before. The fate of Terra Nova is held by an elite few, and they shall determine the fate of mankind.

Black Talon, Return to Cat’s Eye includes full army lists for Earth's Colonial Expeditionary Force, Caprician Forces and Terra Nova's own Black Talons. Also included within this book:

  • Full backgrounds on all three armies presented in the book.
  • Options for Terra Novan Armies post TN1940.
  • Additional terrain and table effect rules for battlefields across the galaxy.
  • A continued timeline covering from where Locked & Loaded left off to the beginning of the Battle for Terra Nova.
  • An overview of the opening stages of the Battle for Terra Nova.
  • Newly re-organized Datacards for all variants to date, for easier play.
  • Rules and Guidelines for uneven Threat Value games and story-driven engagements.

This black and white book is a 124 page supplement for Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded, and requires it for use. Also requires a few six-sided dice and Dream Pod 9 miniatures. For two or more players, ages 8 and up.

DP9-9034Black & White, Softcover
DP9-9034cFull Color, Softcover

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