This week on the Pod Chatter I sat down with Mark Perre from Pod Squad Las Vegas in our new segment, The Pod Squad Spotlight! The Heavy Gear gaming community in Las Vegas is huge! At any one time they can have up to 60 people playing Heavy Gear! Wow is all I can say. Mark really knows how to bring out the best in the Las Vegas Heavy Gear community. Here is the full interview with Mark Perre:


Q: What is your name and where are you from?

Mark Anthony Perre, Las Vegas, NV


Q: How long have you been playing Dream Pod 9 Games and what game did you start with?

Oddly enough I saw my first post on this subject on Avatar Forums, I started with Heavy Gear Blitz April 3, 2010. I purchased a Kodiak model and it was so cool I had to build on the army.


Q: How long have you been with the Pod Squad and what else have you or do you do for DP9?

I joined the Pod Squad in August of 2010, Oddly enough Greg Perkins told me it would be a good fit for me to join since I was so into the game.

I don't know if this is really helping but I helped in the development of Forged in Fire and Perfect Storm books in the form of play testing the new models and load outs.

I do my best to promote the game the best way I can tons of demos and losing bad ;-)

Also I did demos at NeonCon 2010, 2011 with a tournament as well. It was my first ever gaming conventions until GenCon of 2012 made those conventions look so tiny.

I also helped Robert at the Last two Gama Trade shows here in Las Vegas 2011,2012.


Q: What Factions do you play and what is your favorite and why?

I started out with North and just played them all until I read the WFPA fluff. I made them my primary army of over 6,500TV at last check well over 100 minis for North alone not counting striders, tanks or infantry.

I have the normal south and north G.P. Squads when we did demos with full 5 man squads.

I have a 4/5 man 800/1000TV Black Talons army just so I can teach those that don't play nice a lesson. Also they are some of the coolest gears DP9 make.

I also have a Cef Force which is just the HHT-90 Overlord and some Grels. The HHT-90 is really one awesome model.

GenCon2012  I picked up the Southern Task force, and Badlands outpost. Both very impressive kits in which I was holding back on building the Southern Army until Forged in Fire book was complete. Right at Christmas every Heavy Gear fan got a treat and was able to download that pdf on and now that army is getting built.

If I had to pick a favorite I would have to say WFPA just because the access to so many of the "older" gears in the fluff and although they tend to die easy, It makes it a fun challenge to win those games against the more powerful army. I love the Drop Bears from Operation Drop Bears Dive PDF that you can down load thru in my personal opinion the best book to date.


Q: What is your favorite Heavy Gear Blitz game memory?

I actually have several!

Opening my first blister and putting together my first model.

 My first win had to be one. Another was when I had a Bobcat scout gear kill an all stopped Black Mamba from behind with a DPG.

However to answer my favorite was meeting a ton of the staff and working with DP9 at GenCon2012, I have meet and hung out with Robert Dubios and John Nguyen before and they are amazing. Though those times were cool I got to meet in no particular order forgive me for not remembering everyones last name : Jason Dickerson, Greg Perkins, Hugh Browne Jr, Griff Briggs, Jennifer Briggs, Paul Workoff, Brett, Dave, Shawn, Garrett, and Av aka Cerb.


Q: What stores in your area do you currently demo/play at and where can people purchase Heavy Gear products in your area?

My main store is Avatar Comics and Games by far the best tables and largest supporter of DP9 and heavy gear products this shop is where I demo the most and hold all of my tournaments. Little Shop of Magic is another store that carries Heavy Gear Products, no tournaments here but the owner is always happy to see someone demoing or playing the game.


Q: How large do you estimate your gaming group?

It changes from day to day as this is also a military town and some move in and out of the Vegas area. I know on any good day if everyone comes together we have a solid 20 people with very large armies. But up to I would say 60 people if you count all the people that have a Lightning Blitz sized army.


Q: Tell us about some of the armies that people play?

Well myself I typically stick to My WFPA roots unless I need to teach a "Power Gamer" a lesson; than I play my Black Talons. My Black Talons and a large portion of my North WFPA are painted wonderfully by Paul Workoff aka Evil Monkey. The remaining forces I have are painted by Mikel Dubios aka Lord_Crazy_Mike on the forums and Julian Huey.

Walter Childs-"My Partner in Crime" He has a massive Southern Force that just got way bigger with the FiF pre-order bundle. His paint jobs are simply amazing! Not only does this man have South, But a very large PRDF army that is wonderfully painted, His NuCoal is in the beginning stages of greatness as well. His Black Talon army is no joke either. This man makes playing HG really wonderful.

Cory Coltrain- His army fluctuates with what the day brings. He has a very sizable Northern army as well a in my opinion very nice Black Talons list that has no rival.

Tony Sandoval- You name an Army he has some thing it seems. Started out as a heavy north player turned to Port Arthur for his second army with NuCoal ties. His South army is mainly very old classic HG models that just look wonderful on the table! He also has a very nice Leagueless army.

Vern Harlow- Jackel of all trades and a Master of none is how I like to refer to his wonderful Leagueless/Badlands army. A great player and just all around fun guy to play with.

Dan Liswood-Has a massive armies CEF HHT-90 army he was the 1st in Vegas to get one. MP Heavy Army very well done in the old school Police Car style of painting. Port Arthur Army with tons of Tanks and Command Cars controlling the Battle Field.

Nate-Has a nice CEF Force which includes everything! His is an HTT-90 owner as well. He plays a very sold tank list but isn't afraid of fielding a bunch of grels or Flails for that matter. Nate also has massive North and Southern armies but his speedy tanks are where he is at home.

Shai- Probably one of the Best Painted Armies in Vegas is Shai's Caprice. He also has North and southern Armies but he prefers his Caprice.

Brad Hutchinson- I will say by far the most beautiful army I have ever seen! Blue Table painting did a wonderful job on his NuCoal army. Magnets galore and just jaw dropping when you see on the table.

Nick Brando- A very impulse player, this guy can filter through an army book and find the most powerful tools using the smallest amount of points and crush you in a heart beat. After 1 demo this guy got the NuCoal super bundle and quickly learned how to table any opponent that he chooses. I couldn't believe how quick and how much skill he put into painting his NuCoal army.

Joe Nehr- Black Talons is there anything else that needs to be said? With that said I have lost to this guy on multiple occasions and had so much fun doing so.

Paul-One of the best conversion guys ever! Has a very awesome PRDF force and did great work with modeling putty for his north army.

Barry Reiswerg-By far the largest southern army, This guy and I have no problems fielding 5000TV battles against each other and battling for hours on end.

Kinney-PRDF soldier, Although not 100% Built or painted he learns fast and is quick to dish out some damage.

Brant- He has 3 Armies the Black Talon, North and South, He hasn't found which army to play with the most but I see expansion in his future. His North and south are painted wonderfully by Paul Workoff aka Evil Monkey on the forums.

Julian Huey- A sure delight to play this soft spoken guy has an army that will curb stomp you into the ground, Southern with Black Talon ties this guys army plays as good as it look in action. BTW he did a great job painting most the armor in my army.


Q: Tell us about your upcoming events and demos?

Well I can be found at Avatar Comics and Games with a massive Battle Foam Back with tons of minis. I Demo by request or am beating someone down or getting curb stomped myself. I'm not one who cares if I win or lose just as long as I'm having fun is all that matters to me.

March 8&9th I will be running some Tournaments at Avatar Comics and Games.

Friday March 8th 6PM-Close will be a Lightning Tournament a PL1 285TV one Squad battle for Bragging rights. $5.00 Buy in.

Saturday March 9th noon-Finished I will be doing an IronGear/Ironman stye Tournament. Any PL level and 1000TV Command Points and Support Points will be very important since you now have decide when to actually use them as they do not refresh at the end of games and starts of a new round. Buy in is $10


Q: What product are you most excited to see in 2013?

Well lets pray Gear-Up 6 with some TV and Defensive and Offensive modifiers for my Northern Guys who right now don't stand a chance against NuCoal or FiF South :-)

Other than that I'm really looking forward to the future releases and growth of Dream Pod 9 as a company that has 2nd to none customer service! I will say the Republic Honor Guard Cadre box and Hydra Strider are two models I look forward to fielding.

New Players and just seeing a child's eyes light up when you give them a demo and have them crush you into the ground and how excited they are to play and beat an adult.

But honestly most of all I look forward the most to hanging out with the DP9 family and getting some games in with them at GenCon 2013.


Q: How can people contact you if they are interested in playing or learning about Heavy Gear Blitz?

Easy way PM  me on the forums and than I exchange my Cell number and go from there. I field crazy questions all the time and at crazy hours of the day. I get up 6AM and typically don't go to bed until after midnight. 


As you can see Mark Perre is a hardworking man and loves Heavy Gear Blitz! Mark sent me tons of pictures and they can be viewed at .

Remember the New Army for the New Year sale is still going on and for every full $50 you spend we will throw in $5 of gifts of your choice. Also don't forget to check out the Hun pre-order deal. Details can be found on our Facebook Page or at

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