Quickstart Rules

We have quickstart rules available for our Heavy Gear Blitz and Heavy Gear Arnea games! Download these files to get a taste of these rules.

Heavy Gear Blitz

Heavy Gear Blitz! is Dream Pod 9's fast-paced squad-level tabletop miniatures game. Strike forces from Terra Nova and other colony worlds battle the Colonial Expeditionary Forces of Earth for control of the future with small mecha called Heavy Gears as well as tanks, infantry, and other armored vehicles.

Heavy Gear Blitz Quickstart Rules

Heavy Gear Blitz How to Demo Sheets

Heavy Gear Blitz Demo Reference Card

Heavy Gear Blitz Counters & Key

Heavy Gear Arena

Heavy Gear Arena is a skirmish-scale wargame based around Terra Nova's long tradition of dueling with mecha as established in other Heavy Gear works. Heavy Gear Arena can be played as stand-alone games, but the game has an extensive set of League rules to represent the challenges of stepping into the shoes of an Arena Duelist Manager and trying to keep a team of duelists and their equipment running throughout an entire season.

Heavy Gear Arena Quickstart