Beta Rules post Gencon

There is a certain joy to the feeling that the rules that you personally have had a connection to developing being well received. The beta rules have been downloaded for free over one thousand times now and the game reports, rules comments and questions are starting to pick up to the point where an update of know problems will need to by released. The update should be arriving in the second week of September, after the back to school rush.

As part of the new push on to get more players driving Gears around their tables the pod squad is going to be getting out and spreading the word. If you want to part of these dedicated volunteers who promote all things Heavy Gear get in touch with us and we will get you in contact with our coordinator Joe.



This week was supposed to be a week of blogging from Gencon but the reality is that we are far too busy setting up the booth, giving demos and getting great pics of the con goers to have the time to discuss the experience that is Gencon with anyone who has not experienced it first hand.

Needless to say we're giving hundreds of demos this weekend and tons of people are coming to tell us they like what they see. I'll have to process some more and give a full report next week. Till then spread the world about the free beta rules download on downloadrpg and get playing.


Beta Rules Reference Sheet 2-Up Layout



Beta Rules Reference Army Construction and Token Sheets


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