Kickstarter Update: First Plastic Test Pops of the C.E.F. Sprues!

We received the test plastic pops for all the molds this week at our office in Montreal. The test pops are used by the mold manufacturer find where problems like not enough molten plastic making it in to the mold parts cavities are located. The test plastic sprue pops show them where additional spruing, ejector pins, and/or increased gate sizes to the parts are needed. We took the time this week to look over all the parts and get our comments back to them so they can tweak the molds to get all the plastic parts looking good.

A day in the glamorous life...

I thought it would be fun to pull back the veil a bit on what goes into one of my days at DP9. It's always a little different but there are some essentials to my job when I am at the workshop.


This week was a little special because the box with the first ten test pops had arrived. Read on for some potential spoilers. There won't be any pictures in this blog post because the workshop is a mess as I turn everything upside down to make space and get ready for packing the kickstarter rewards.


Kickstarter Update: First Plastic Test Pops of the Caprice Sprues!

Dream Pod 9 attended the GAMA Retailer Tradeshow this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. To promote the upcoming official release of the new edition Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargaming - Quick Start Rulebook and new Plastic Miniatures that will take place at Gen Con 2016 in Indianapolis the first week of August. After we have shipped out the Kickstarter Backer Reward Packages in late May and June to all our Backers.

Dice dice dice!

So we have some great news this week from Arkrite press about the State of the Game. Jason and Greg are hard at work getting the RPG up and rolling at top speed and there is some great community involvement there. Gears are perfectly designed for a RPG environment because it lets you put the player characters in near mortal danger and still have them be the heroes at the end of it. It's also a setting where you can do spycraft, be a military unit, be civilians and do it all in a future world where people matter.


The really neat part of the announcement fro me is the part where they announce that the system will be a D10 system to allow for more variation on the rolls. This is great news as for RPGs you really need the ability to differentiate between a wide variety of skills and skill levels. For Heavy Gear Blitz the choice was made early in development to keep to the venerable D6 for good reasons.

Armor Protection

As a design issue one of the hardest places to work on conceptually was how to define the effectiveness of armor in Heavy Gear. Armor as a technology is almost as old as the technology of weapons of war. There are numerous examples of how armor technology developed from simple leather and wood armor and shields to the composite laminated military armor used today.

One perspective that must be taken is the balance between the ability of weapons to penetrate armor and the ability of armor the resist the weapons has always been in flux. That this effect is poorly understood is an understatement.


Kickstarter Update: Steel Mold Plates Photos.

This week we have a progress update on the steel mold plates for the plastic injections molds. The company making the molds sent us some early progress photos of some of the steel mold plates. The image below shows the first step in making the molds plates, where they use a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine is used to rough out the mold cavities. There is an photo of the CNC Machine cutting one of the mold plates at the bottom of the image. This removes most of the excess steel, but does not do the fine details in the parts cavities.

Recon Reports Submitted

It's nearing that time again, when the community waits with baited breath for a rules update. This is a time of terror for some, joy for others. I consider both reactions to be interesting. As a miniature gamer I am well aware that the history of miniature gaming is filled with examples of radical veering shift in the rules of a game. The Living rules can be described that way though I prefer to describe them as an evolution of the rules into something better.

There are a couple of things that I like to iterate to people who come to me with concerns about updates and what changes can mean. 1) Don't panic. Really. Don't panic. The absolute worst reaction is always panic. Panic prevents us from approaching problems rationally and as I often have to repeat to my son the old advice of just breathe... It is okay... Read on for a sneak peek under the hood of the new update.


Core Starter Set Weapons and Special Parts

Our latest Kickstarter Update included the following images of the all the weapons and special parts included on the various model sprues in the Core Starter Set.


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