Edenite Weapon Systems

0700, Day 6 of the War for Terra Nova, somewhere west of Gropius. Protector Caste Lieutenant Milo Robard addresses a makeshift recon force, callsign "Warden 12" assembled from units of the 6th Humanist Alliance Penhillon.

"Listen, pilots. I know no one is happy with this assignment, but that killed enemy hardware we sent back a couple days ago has been a great source of intel for our side. The Preceptors have sent out a briefing on those armored suits so we can handle them better. Lorence, I know you popped that one with a rifle, and there's a commendation coming for giving our people something to study.

The bottom line is we've got to stop these things before they get dug in to our cities or we may never shake them loose. They can hide better than our Gears, and they're equipped to really hurt our people if they're losoe among the 'sheep' back at home. We're the sheepdogs, and nothing is going to happen while we're around to stop it. 

Pod Chatter Interview with Mark Perre


This week on the Pod Chatter I sat down with Mark Perre from Pod Squad Las Vegas in our new segment, The Pod Squad Spotlight! The Heavy Gear gaming community in Las Vegas is huge! At any one time they can have up to 60 people playing Heavy Gear! Wow is all I can say. Mark really knows how to bring out the best in the Las Vegas Heavy Gear community. Here is the full interview with Mark Perre:


Q: What is your name and where are you from?

Mark Anthony Perre, Las Vegas, NV


Q: How long have you been playing Dream Pod 9 Games and what game did you start with?

Oddly enough I saw my first post on this subject on Avatar Forums, I started with Heavy Gear Blitz April 3, 2010. I purchased a Kodiak model and it was so cool I had to build on the army.


Southern Hun at TempleCon

The new Southern Hun Light Tank based on the artwork from Forged in Fire is scheduled for a March 1st release, but we will have a few available for Templecon attendees on February 1st through 3rd in Warwick, RI.

New Southern Box Art

A special treat for all the Heavy Gear fans today! Fresh from the printers are four new box covers for the Southern Faction! All orders shipped from next week on will be using these new look boxes for the Southern Cadres. You can order the Southern G.P., Strike, Fire Support, and Recon Cadre boxes on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.

The Pod Chatter for 01/10/13 through 01/16/13

Its Thursday and The Pod Chatter is usually up by now, but there has been so much news being announced by the Pod this week that I had to move it back a day. Without any further ado, here is this weeks Pod Chatter.

Last week we looked at some of the books needed to play your chosen faction. This week we will continue our look at the books needed to play the remaining factions: Caprice, Utopia, Eden, and the Black Talons.

The first army we will look at is Caprice, and it couldn't come at a better time. The new Caprice Task Force box deal is freshly released and available over at the Dream Pod 9 Online Store. The Task Force box allows you to assemble around a 610 Threat Value army without any upgrades or special additions to the army. More good news is that you can upgrade some of the cadres and end up with a pure Caprician force of around 1000 Threat Value. If you are feeling really adventurous you can add in some Black Talon allies or CEF allies to increase that threat value even higher. If you pick up the Caprice Task Force all the necessary books are provided for you, but if you are looking into picking just the books up you will need two and the optional Gear Up 5.

New Army for The New Year


2013 has arrived with a bang at Dream Pod 9! We are extremely excited for this New Year and we have decided to continue some of our best deals.

Introducing: New Army for the New Year! We are going to continue the Task Forces, Armor Deals, Southern Bundles, and NuCoal Bundle for a limited time to build a new army for 2013.

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New Caprice Task Force Deal!

This bundle can act as an excellent starter for a Caprice force with enough Mounts to build a Patrol Squad, a Support Squad, and a Heavy Mount squad with a full infantry platoon as support. 

DP9 Online Store Exclusive Price: $194.95 CAD (a savings of $86.05 off the SRP + 1 Free ebook)


Urban Series

Paul Lesack's extremely cool papercraft urban buildings for Heavy Gear. 


Revisionist Church

John Bell's amazing papercraft Revisionist Church.


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