Delay in Forged in Fire Delivery Date


To our loyal customers and fans,

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the hard copy of Forged in Fire has been delayed and we will be unable to deliver it before Christmas. The book will ship out automatically when it has returned from the printers.

Every effort is currently being made to get the e-book version of Forged in Fire to everyone who is entitled to it before the 24th of December.


Fillable Scenario Sheet


Heavy Gear Camo Patterns

These camoflage patterns were described in various Heavy Gear RPG and Tactical books as commonly used by various units on Terra Nova. These can provide inspiration for paint schemes for minis for Heavy Gear Blitz.


New Hybrid Resin & Pewter Miniatures

Dream Pod 9 has started to convert some of our Heavy Gear Blitz Resin Miniature blisters into Hybrid Resin and Pewter kits. The larger parts will remain in our high quality resin and the small parts such as weapons, antenna, etc. with be switched over to pewter metal. The main reason for the new Hybrid kits is that small metal parts like antennas and guns will be less likely to snap off if a miniature is dropped. The first of these new Hybrid kits is the Hussar Walker for the NuCoal faction, you check out the Hybrid Parts photo below. Other miniatures that have been converted include the Fusilier Hovertank, Voltigeur Main Battletank, HT-68 Hovertank, HT-72 Hovertank, Mammoth Strider, and Naga Strider.

We will be updating the parts photos on the DP9 Online Store in the coming week and as other miniatures are converted.

Shattered Peace


The next few days will decide the fate of the planet, and although few know it, the fate of the galaxy and of humankind rests on Terra Nova.

Shattered Peace - The War for Terra Nova Book 1 includes:

  • Stats and army information on the CEF’s allies from Eden.
  • Stats and information on the CEF’s Commando Frame Squads Schematics of the CEF’s new Assault Lander and HHT-90 Overlord Hovertank. 
  • Big Map of Terra Nova with all the battle fronts shown.
  • Maps of each of the CEF’s seven drop zones and space battle. 
  • Multiple scenarios based around the opening days of the Battle for Terra Nova 
  • Guidelines for linking Scenarios and running them as a mini campaign. 
  • Army, campaign and scenario sheets for home or campaign website use. 
  • Timeline Narratives set during the War for Terra Nova.
  • Datacards for all vehicles presented in the book.

This Full-Color, 54-page book is a campaign supplement for the Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded© Rulebook, and requires it as well as Black Talon: Return to Cat’s Eye for play. It also requires the use of six-sided dice and Dream Pod 9© Heavy Gear© miniatures. For two or more players, ages 8 and up. 

DP9-9097cFull-Color, 54-page book
Gear Up Issue 2
  • Painting Contest Results and Photos
  • Heavy Gear Arena Preview
  • Utopian Armigers and Drones for Heavy Gear RPG
  • World at War: Gear Krieg spread
  • Updated Badger Photos
  • Medical Support Section rules
  • The Drop Bears Diggers rules
  • Gambit Gear focus on WFPA Crazy Eights and SRA Skyhawks
  • Terra Nova Odyssey comic, Part 2
  • Field Testing: Revised Range Bands
  • Errata
  • Quick Reference Flowcharts
  • Product Catalog
Gear Up 2Free PDF available via DriveThruRPG.


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