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Updated: We've decided to keep the Jovian Chronicles miniatures available for an additional weekend to give people a bit longer to order.

Jovian Chronicles Mechanical Designs


The exo-armor (short for exo-skeleton, armored; sometimes refered to simply as exo or XO) is the ultimate evolution of the personal combat space suit of the early twenty-first century. Originally no larger than a man, it increased in size until some of the biggest models were nothing less than small ships. This was necessary in order to carry the enormous amount of fuel, armament, and electronics necessary to accomplish their assigned missions. The first exo-armor prototype was introduced by the Jovian Confederation on July 23, 2162.

Jovian Chronicles Mechanical Cyclopedia


Mechanical Cyclopedia

The hard times on Earth in the 21st and 22nd centuries and the much more urgent problem of survival in the space colonies have restricted research to areas with immediate practical applications, such as warfare and recycling. Thus, while leaps were made in emergency medicine, weapons and spaceship design, little or nothing else received much attention.


Vehicle Record Sheet



Spaceship Record Sheet



Jovian Chronicles Character Sheet

Silhouette CORE Rules Deluxe Edition

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DP9-304 Chaos Principle Errata



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