New Valiant 3D and Resin Model Preview!

Work is progressing on Jovian Wars, with the release of the Alpha Playtest Rules in late December. We are finishing up 3D models for all the new Jovian Spaceships needed for the our upcoming Jovian Wars Kickstarter, tentatively scheduled to start on February 15th, 2017. The Kickstarter will be used to pay for all the 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, and production mold costs for the new resin spaceships.

Jovian Wars - Alpha Playtest Rules Package - Available Now!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays All, Dream Pod 9 has a special xmas gift for everyone, the new Jovian Wars - Alpha Playtest Rules Package is now available for free download on DriveThruRPG. Click the link at the bottom to get your copy and try it out.

Get ready to enter the twenty-third century and step into the world of the Jovian Chronicles. A universe where humanity has made its home in the solar system, with colonies from Mercury to Jupitier. Only to revisit its warring nature in the new frontier of space.


Jovian Chronicles Lightning Strike Demo Game


DP9-322 Lightning Strike 2nd Edition Rulebook Errata and Clarifications



DP9-314 Lightning Strike Rulebook Errata and Clarifications


Alternate Lightning Strike 2 Drone Reload Rules

The current Drone Launching rules minimize the need for record keeping. However, if players don't mind keeping an individual datacard for each Drone-carrying unit or simply putting a fixed number of Drone counters next to each Drone-carrying unit, the table below can be used. Simply look up a unit's Rate and Reload threshold, and cross-reference the values to find the number of Drones the unit carries. Note this number on the unit's datacard and use it to keep track of how many Drones the unit has remaining.


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