Building towards the future for Heavy Gear

Now that the first Jovian Wars Kick Starter is over the development work turns back to Heavy Gear Blitz!


Going forward this will be the pattern where we here in Dream pod 9 work on the prep for kick starters, work on the kick starter and then work on fulfilling the kickstarter while preparing for the next kickstarter. The next kick starter for Dream Pod 9 will be the next three factions for Heavy Gear Blitz.


What next?

The most common theme I'm seeing online and on the forums these days is "I got my kickstarter stuff, what do I get next?"


That's a pretty easy question for me to answer. What do you get next? Here's my priority list of what to get next. Feel free to adjust this list as much as you like.


FAQ and Errata

The current FAQ and Errata for Heavy Gear is an ongoing project. Currently the types of issues that are coming up are knock on effects for the sub lists and a few minor notes for the rules. Largely the issues that are discovered are resolved because you guys, the players, take action by posting to the forums in the Development forum.

This feedback is very important because player feedback vastly improves the quality of the game. Comments help to catch more issues than just our eyes alone can. Part of this is that I simply can't play test every interaction and every rule as completely as you, the player community, can. For a very simple reason. I'm biased.


Who can pilot a Gear?

There is an interesting aspect about Heavy Gear as a game where the Gears are piloted by humans. Ignore the fact that it is really the computer that does most of the driving, a thing a bit higher tech than what Volvo and Daimler are demonstrating. So who can pilot a gear and who does it best? (Hint, in real life it is anyone!)


One fact that we accept with Gears is that they are mass produced on an assembly line, but they are still machines, each one vastly more expensive than equipping an infantry soldier. You don't throw just any person into your machine if you want it to fight at full effectiveness.


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