Thank You All - Venus Forces Kickstarter a Great Success!

You can still visit the campaign page at the following link.


Pledge Total: $46,530.00 CAD (updated on March 22nd, 2019)


DP9's Extra Funding Campaign for our Peace River & NuCoal Core Plastic Miniatures is now live on the DP9 Pledge Manager website. Our Kickstarter raised over $40K CAD, unlocking our initial funding goal and numerous stretch goals, but not the $50K CAD goal we really wanted to reach. Hence our Extra Funding Campaign, please support Dream Pod 9 as an Outside Backer and pickup a new plastic miniatures army for Peace River, NuCoal, and/or Utopia at $70 CAD each, or one of our other great Backer reward level deals and maybe a few Add-Ons as well.

Login and create your pledge manager account, select your reward level and any add-ons and then checkout paying your pledge and fixed shipping cost. Backer reward packages are expected to start shipping in Summer 2019.   


Feedback Friday March 22nd 2019 - HGB Rules 3.0 ALPHA v1.4 Update!

Welcome back to another Feedback Friday. This week we tweaked a few weapons, gave engineering gears the ability to reload limited ammo weapons, and clarified some game terms. Plus updated the common action, reaction and free action tables, started work on a new chapter for new players learning the game, and lot more. You can checkout the full "HGB Rules 3.0 ALPHA v1.4 Update" post with links to download the updated Alpha Rules word file and other excel files on the DP9 Forum at the link below, login and join the discussion.…

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Kickstarter Update: Stretch Goal 03 Unlocked!

The 3rd Stretch Goal was unlocked this evening with $32.5K CAD Pledged, thank you to all our Backers. We'll be adding 1 more Warrior IV plastic mini to the Peace River Army & Badlands Commander Reward Level Packages and their Hero of Versions.

Kickstarter Update: Peace River Mameluk Two Pack 3d Printed Parts Preview!

A small update today, spotlighting another of our Peace River Add-Ons for an extra pledge and that are included in the Hero of Peace River and Hero of the Badlands Reward Levels. The Mameluk Infantry Fighting Vehicle Two pack are new resin & pewter miniatures for Peace River, being first release thru this Kickstarter. Checkout the image below with different views of the 3d model and photo of the printed parts, made using a Formlabs 3d printer. The final Mameluk main hull part will be in resin and the turret & weapons will be in pewter.

Kickstarter Update: Chasseur Plastic Miniature 3d Printed Parts & Assembly Preview!

This update we have a preview of the NuCoal Chasseur plastic miniature 3d printed parts. A Big Thank You, to the newest member of the Dream Pod 9 team, Stephen Rider, for 3d printing the parts on his Formlabs printer, doing a quick cleanup, assembly, and taking some photos. The Chasseur 3d model parts are the first test parts printed, we plan on 3d printing all the new plastic miniature parts to check size and fit of the parts and then make any adjustments needed to the 3d models.

Kickstarter Update: Peace River Jackal Two Pack Add-On 3d Printed Parts Preview!

We are now into the 2nd week of the Peace River & NuCoal Core Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter with just over $31.5K CAD Pledged and the first 2 stretch goals unlocked. The next stretch goal unlocks at $32.5K to add 1 more Warrior VI plastic miniature to the Peace River Army and Badlands Commander reward levels and their Hero of version.

Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarter Stretch Goal 02 Unlocked!

We unlocked our second Stretch Goal today with $30K CAD Pledged, thank you to all our Backers. We'll be adding 1 more Chasseur plastic mini to the NuCoal Army & Badlands Commander Reward Level Packages and their Hero of Versions.


Heavy Gear Blitz New Edition News and Downloads

Click here for news on the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz which is currently under development. With Alpha/Beta playtest downloads of the new rules and armylists. Get involved in the playtesting and help us make the new edition the best miniature game out there!

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