Duelist Customization Modeling Contest!

Dueling and arena combat have been part of the Heavy Gear universe since the very beginning. The concept of five-meter tall combat walkers yielding swords and staffs the size of telephone poles had a graphic appeal, to say the least. The Terranovan dueling traditions and cultures were extensively covered in sourcebooks, notably the aptly-named Duelist’s Handbook and the Tactical Dueling Rules. Dueling was thus chosen as the focus of the television series: it became the giant robot equivalent of present day wrestling shows, complete with larger than life characters, convoluted storylines and non-stop Gear-bashing action!

Dueling Gears are heavily modified for improved performance: super-charged engines, high-speed actuators and hyper-accurate gyroscopes replace the stock parts, allowing the pilots to pull incredible moves and maneuvers. Even machines that are not normally thought of as nimble, such as the Kodiak and King Cobra, see a significant improvement. For safety purposes, most Dueling vehicles receive additional armor and bracing around their cockpit and main body. To top this off, they all carry customized weapon payload to maximize their effectiveness on the field! We wanted to see what you’re fighting with on the miniature tabletop arena. We got some of the wildest, wackiest, most creative reconfigurations, kitbashes and customizations one can come up with!

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… announcing the winners!


Grand Prize: $50.00 worth of DP9 miniatures + 1 x Pod T-Shirt
Rob Dodds, Paper Crane “A military duelist forsakes his name and becomes a freelancer after his family is killed in a raid by a mercenary group that operates out of the Badlands. As a duelist, he is able to move about freely as he seeks out the killers to avenge his family’s deaths. He calls himself Ronin, and his Gear is the “Paper Crane,” a customized Jager. The conversion involved cutting off the LAC, adding a katana to the right hand, cutting off the left hand and add a MAC. The torso and pose were adjusted. The helmet, shoulder plates and armored skirt plates were taken from a Yojumbo figure from Legend of the Five Rings.”
Second Prize: $30.00 worth of DP9 miniatures
Sam “Knives” Wood, 114th Desert Fangs Duelist “Alahn Kollaire fights for his unit in the arenas of Khayr ad-Din, not for honor, but for money. He pilots a modified Black Mamba armed with a Medium Bazooka and Heavy Autocannon. Kollaire is a member of the once-proud 114th Desert Fangs, a unit that has been disbanded due to the cowardice and connections of its former commander. Kollaire, the 114th’s Duelist, has become the defacto leader. He competes in the arena, even though he detests its melodrama and stage trickery, so that his men might eat. He carries his unit’s standard into each duel, so that the 114th is remembered.”
Third Prize: $20.00 worth of DP9 miniatures
Matthew Wagg, Hunter Duelist “One picture doesn’t convey the sense of movement I have tried to achieve in the mini. I’ve tried to capture the Hunter mid-strike with the sword as if it were striking. I felt that a standard pose was just too static. Materials used were the Hunter miniature, the Duelist Weapon Pack for both arms, some “Green Stuff” putty for the reposing and Citadel paints.”
Honorable Mention
Antti Arola, Swamp Dawgs Duelist “Tigger””Pictured is the personal Gear of the 141st MILICIA Gear regiment’s Duelist, Katja Allaire. The 141st has been unable to acquire a Rapier Iguana and have had to settle for a standard Iguana chassis. The Gear, affectionately called “Tigger,” has a very responsive NNet that at times seems almost precognitive. A shield — scratchbuilt to meet Katja’s specifications — and a vibrorapier clearly mark the vehicle as a Duelist. The snub cannon and a heavier rocket pack provide heavy firepower for normal combat missions. The miniature is a stock Iguana, chopped up slightly. The snub cannon and rocket pack are from the Weapon Packs, while the shield is made out of two GW plastic shields. The rapier is a vibroblade handle and half of a toothpick.”
Honorable Mention
Steven Roberts, Blue Lightning “I used a Iguana paratrooper as a base. I filed off the crashbar as I thought it was a natural handhold for bigger Gears. The shield, sword and claws are all from the Duelist’s Weapon Pack; the pack gun (it’s on the Iguana’s back) is from Weapon Pack #1. Note this Iguana carries a cut down medium autocannon (how far does a duelist really need to shoot anyways?).”