Vickers Light Tank

Text and Stats by Alex Rhodes

The Vickers series of light tanks were the result of the work of Carden-Loyd in the 1920s. The original model, the Light Tank Mk I, was produced in small numbers and served as a test bed for the later models. The Mk I had a two-man crew and was armed with a turreted .303 light machinegun. Development of the Mk I yielded the Mk IA, which had better armor, and the Mk II, which had an improved turret and a modified suspension. The Mk IV version was remarkable in that for the first time the armor plates supported the chassis, rather than the other way around. The Mk V featured a larger turret allowing for two men in the turret, thus increasing the crew from two to three. Additionally, the armament was augmented by a 12.7mm machinegun. The Mk VI was the last of the series and included an improved suspension allowing for superior cross-country speed. The Mk VI was later further improved to become the Mk Vic, which replaced the lighter machineguns with a 15mm heavy machinegun. Later, the .303 machinegun was replaced with a Besa 7.62mm machinegun. The Mk VIc also was improved by adding vision devices and an engine cooling system.

The tank was never a great success in the field, but it was pressed into service many times when no other option was available. The tank was deployed in France as well as Africa in the early war. Often they would be employed as combat tanks rather than their more appropriate role of reconnaissance vehicles. The Vickers were lightly armored and when used on the front lines as combat vehicles they suffered because of that lack. In Africa, efforts were made to find new uses for the vehicles by mounting various ad hoc weapons on them, from anti-aircraft guns to anti-tank guns. The tank never did find a useful niche and was retired once better tank designs became available.

Vickers Light Tank MkV
Nationality: British
Vehicle Type: Tank
Year in Service: 1935
Size: 6 Crew: 3
Armor: 9/18/27 Movement: Ground 3/6
Maneuver: -3 Deployment Range: 201 km
Sensors: None Communications: -1/3 km
Fire Control: -2 Treat Value: 26
Perks & Flaws
Buttoned Up -2 Detection or Exposed Crew Large Sensor Profile -1 to Concealment
Inefficient Controls -1 Bonus Action Reinforced Armor +1 Front Armor
Name Arc S M L Ex Acc DM # Ammo Spec
12.7mm MG T 1 2 4 8 0 x4 1 400 AI, ROF1
7.7mm MG T 1 2 4 8 0 x2 1 2500 AI, ROF2