Edenite Weapon Systems

0700, Day 6 of the War for Terra Nova, somewhere west of Gropius. Protector Caste Lieutenant Milo Robard addresses a makeshift recon force, callsign "Warden 12" assembled from units of the 6th Humanist Alliance Penhillon.

"Listen, pilots. I know no one is happy with this assignment, but that killed enemy hardware we sent back a couple days ago has been a great source of intel for our side. The Preceptors have sent out a briefing on those armored suits so we can handle them better. Lorence, I know you popped that one with a rifle, and there's a commendation coming for giving our people something to study.

The bottom line is we've got to stop these things before they get dug in to our cities or we may never shake them loose. They can hide better than our Gears, and they're equipped to really hurt our people if they're losoe among the 'sheep' back at home. We're the sheepdogs, and nothing is going to happen while we're around to stop it. 

First, intel from the Black Talons say these suits are called 'Golems' by the CEF and allies. Reports have them built on one of the colony worlds, and the CEF is using them to harass our forces. With small units like this around, we cannot let our guard down. 

Second, the suits are piloted by normal humans. Any rumors you've heard to the contrary are just that: rumors! All that 'mad scientist brains-in-jars' business is obviously some sort of mistake made by some holier-than-thou Northern zealot. The light suits we're encountering are man-piloted powered armor with enclosed NBC protection.

The Golems work in small squads, much like our Gear patrols. There's two kinds of squads: Lightly armed  'Alpha' squads and heavier 'Beta' squads. Both can take out a Gear if they catch us with our pants down, got it?

An important note is that these cannot keep up with the CEF's main Hover Tanks and Frames. Preceptor Karthik feels this is a doctrinal schism we may be able to exploit, but at the moment we just have to work with what we have.