March 15th Releases!

We have a bunch of new releases today: The Hun is now available for regular order, the Southern Honor Guard Cadre is now available, and the Diamondback is now available for Heavy Gear Arena. There's also new single pack Gear releases. Keep reading for details.

The Southern Honor Guard Cadre is a special option for Southern Republican Army forces. This new box set incldues three Fer de Lance Gears and two Gila Gears an optional weapons.

The Hun was available as a special order for those attending Templecon, but is now a normal release shipping to customers and retailers. This is a resculpted version of the South's light tank with added detail.

The Diamondback is available in Heavy Gear Arena or can be used as a squad option for southern forces.

We are also releasing three more single pack Gears this week. This includes the Southern Black Adder and Jäger, as well as the Northern Hunter.