The Hammers of the North



As Dream Pod 9's Art Director, one of the real pleasures of producing the new series of Field Guides for the factions of the Heavy Gear Universe is revisiting some canonical designs and attempting to further enrich them. Part of this is seeing whether the faction logo or emblem can simply be nuanced, modernized, or whether it can be detailed in a way that touches on some of the faction characteristics in more detail.

The logo for the Confederated Northern City-States is one of the latter cases. The 1995 design remains strong, but the abstract geometry is somewhat wanting in terms of character. 

When thinking of the CNCS certain imagery comes to mind, the Revisionist Church, hammers, thunder, and the three very distinct leagues: The religious Northern Lights Confederacy, the industrious United Mercantile Federation, and the soldierly Western Frontier Protectorate. 

Rather than look at the 1995 design as a pie chart illustrating the union of the three leagues, I thought that a buckler shield could represent the CNCS with a war hammer for each league.

For the design of the hammers themselves, I thought that a blockier, angular look would be more in fitting with the angular look of Northern Heavy Gears.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I plan on bringing you more insights into the production design aspect of the Heavy Gear universe.