Jovian Chronicles Miniatures Available Again for One Month Only!

We have taken the Jovian Chronicles miniature molds out of storage and they are back for One month of casting. They will be available to order until the end of December 2013, after that they removed from sale again and put back in to storage for another six months, to be back again in June 2014. Also, we found the Dragonstriker exo armor masters and have made a new production mold for the miniature which is now available again to order for the first time in over 10 years.

For fans of our Heavy Gear Fleet Scale and Gear Krieg miniatures that were removed from sale earlier in 2013, we want you to know that they are only on a production hiatus. These older miniatures have lots of molds that need to be run just to make one miniature blister for smaller orders, which is not cost effective. Making them available for only one month at a time, consolidates all the smaller orders and makes them profitable again. We are planning on bring back the Heavy Gear Fleet Scale miniatures in January 2014 for one month and then the Gear Krieg miniatures in February 2014 for one month. After the month of sales they each will retire for six months before that are available again.

Here is a link to the Jovian Chronicles miniatures page on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.