Alpha release successes and Update schedules

There is nothing like a new release to get a month started.

I’ve been humbled and impressed by the quality of the responses that have come in to the initial readings and games played. It’s clear we live in a connected world with responses on the forums, e-mail, messages and others. The Heavy Gear Alpha sub-forum will have logged over 350 thread responses by the time I’m done this blog post on Monday AM.

One thing is clear. There’s a lot of interest. Some new faces and some old familiar ones are popping in to help out with their experience and knowledge. The sheer brain power being marshaled means only one thing: People care. It’s the most important thing to remember is that the person on the other side of the conversation also cares about the game and the setting and the little details that make it such a great sandbox to play in. We owe it to each other to debate the points honestly, respectfully, and even bluntly.

Of course the inevitable effect is that the pace of the alpha test has to be maintained with care. Decisions cannot be made hastily that will have to be lived with for a long period of time. Time is needed to reflect on the consequences and check that solutions don’t cascade problems into another section.

And on top of that there are a ton of new orders. My response time is going to be slowed this week as I get some casting done and out the door. I have a lot of responsibilities so I want to be very clear about this so participants know that I am not going quiet, I just want Joe Gearfan to get his stuff on time, and that I’ll be back posting full speed ahead on Wednesday the 5th.

There are several promises that the Alpha test of the new rules will rest on.
1) I promise to listen to and trust the players.
2) I promise to inform the players of changes and potential changes. Wild swings in rules is not going to happen.
3) Updates will be provided to players at timely intervals and scheduled. You will know when the update is coming and you will receive a changelog listing changes alongside it.

Since the initial drop of the rules has generated such a flurry of responses with questions and typos I will schedule the first update with rule and list typos/errata and additional commentary and clarifications for February 13th (Sorry to the significant others). This will allow time for 2-3 reviews of the rules plus checking the forum discussions and the e-mail responses.

2nd update will be March 14th.
3rd update will be April 11th.
The Beta (Locked) rules will be available between June 30th and July 30th. A more precise date will be locked in as we get closer.
The updates will be identified by their date of release so mark your calendars and aim to have any play test game responses and comments delivered by e-mail at least one week before the updates. Circumstances may cause changes to this schedule but starting with a schedule is the first step.


If you want to join the conversation check out the forum.


For players participating there was an important announcement about the Play test response guidelines:

Alpha Play Test Guidelines document: (Feb 2nd)

Add: 6) Play test parameters: Our playable game level goal is for games to be balanced at 50, 100, and 150 TV levels. Play testers can play larger games if they want but these are the core markers for small/medium/large game levels.

This information will be added to the guidelines document included with the army list download.

Next blog: #5, How to make your attacks count, Weapon attributes, and damage effects.

Till next time, see you on the forums.
-David McLeod

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