Feb 13th Alpha update files posted

The updated files include all the FAQ and errata generated from the last two weeks of intense scrutiny by players. The next Scheduled update is March 15th.

Get the downloads here: Quickstart Rules


There are several subtle changes to the rules that provide some new options as well as balancing some weapons. In addition several style changes have been implemented and some re-balancing of certain armies (Peace River, CEF, and Black Talons, I'm looking at you!).

More details after the cutoff


First: important change to weapons:

1) The Split Fire ability has been detached from the Burst trait and given a rating. There is a more nuanced list of weapons that can now use one action to attack more than one target if the weapon is targeting models within optimum range. Each of these attacks also benefits from the weapon's other traits. The Split Fire ability is not linked to a particular weapon, rather it is added to models that have a particularly well rounded weapons load.  There is continuing debate about split fire having a range from the primary target of 6".feed back on this particular point is needed.


2) Beam Weapons suffer -2PEN at sub-optimal ranges. Previously with 1/2 PEN the beam weapons were sorely lackluster. Now you can ping small or medium targets at long range and get close to deal with the larger targets.


3) Laser Cannons have gotten a bump to PEN from 5/7/9 to 6/8/10.


4) Grenade Launchers gain the Split:2 trait and the ability to fire IF for longer range.


5) Flamer weapons have lost their Burst:3 trait and replaced it witha Split:3 trait instead. In addition the weapons now get 0F/1F/2F PEN scores.


6) Particle Accelerators have similarly modified PEN scores: 0H/1H/2H. They will get high enough MOS scores with the Beam weapon +2D6 to attack bonus that they are evil enough already.


7) Burst weapons lost the split fire ability but now they have a 50/50 change of doing damage if the MOS plus the PEN of the weapon equal the AR of the target.


8) Blast weapons now do blast damage if their PEN rating is equal to or greater than the target Armor rating.


Next are some important notes about changes to the Army list files (All changes are logged in the change log file):

1) Standard models are now defined as the first of a model in a list. This model may be added to units with no limitations other than the normal requirment to matching UA within the unit.


2) All other variant models are now limited to 0-2 in Primary units and 0-1 in RSUs. This limitation is within each combat group. (Multiple Primary units can have 0-2 of a variant in each unit.) Of course min/maxing your variant selection means your combat groups are not going to be very efficient at activating early in the round.


3) CEF models have ditched their Pulse Lasers in favor of the classic Laser Cannons, Particle accelerators, and Gatling Lasers.


4) Black Talons and Peace River have both dropped the Burst:1 trait from their bazookas though the light bazookas gain the Split:2 trait to represent the Rapid Fire Bazooka.


5) Several models that were omitted from some of the army lists have been found (Sabertooth, Bears, Desert Vipers, Hydra, Boa, etc).


The parts that are still very much Works in Progress (WIP) are the flying rules,  the Black Talons (I would like to allow more flexibility in selecting model loads), and Veteran Upgrades. These sections will be posted independently as they are worked on in more detail. In the case of the Black Talons the list provided is a get yo by list while some options are tried out.


As always please post any typos or errors that you see. This update is not a complete overhaul of the rules but a targeted effort to get the rules and lists cleaned up and ready for testing.


When Robert gets the Field Guide army list for the North published sometime in the next month (old rules) I will look at doing a dedicated update for the North army list document in Alpha.


Though there will be a lot of discussion over the next month on a lot of the details both on the forums and game tables everywhere. I may be a little quiet because I am taking a vacation next week. It's a bit of a staycation with lots of painting and winter fun planned so I will be able to look in on the forums a bit throughout the week and offer a bit of insight.


Until next time!.

-Dave McLeod