HGB Field Support Guide

The Field Support Guide is a free update for Dream Pod 9’s Heavy Gear Blitz tabletop miniatures wargame. This downloadable pdf is meant to complement the Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual rulebook which is the current ruleset for the game. It pulls together the universal rules updates that were added in the Perfect Storm: NuCoal Field Guide (NuCoal and PAK factions) and Forged in Fire: Southern Field Guide (all the Southern factions), which are the current army lists of those factions. And, also includes the Combat Engineering, Medical, plus a few other combat groups from various issues of the Gear-Up e-zine. Plus Field Manual and Forged in Fire errata, Field Testing of updated Threat Values (TV) for the CEF, Black Talon, Caprice, Eden, Leagueless and Utopian factions for Gear-Up. New and updated datacards round out the guide. For those playing Peace River you should pick up the recently released Blood Debt: Peace River Armylist ebook since it includes all the updated Peace River faction armies. Our Northern players are not forgotten either, the soon to be released Northern Armylist ebook will include all the updated Northern armies.

Most will have seen by now that Dream Pod 9 has started working on a new edition of the Heavy Gear Blitz rules, everyone is welcome to join in the alpha and beta testing and help us make the next edition the best game ever. In the mean time continue to play and support the game you love.

Here is a link to download the new HGB Field Support Guide pdf.