Play test example

Usually when I play test games I look for examples of actions and consequences that defy expectations.


One such instance demonstrated itself in a play test game last week when a PRDF Strike unit of four Warrior IVs airdropped behind the lines of the south army I was testing. I would have expected my opponent to drop in on the Visigoth on my right flank and attempt to take it out but instead the unit was deployed onto my left flank and virtually won the game all by themselves.


What I appreciated was that my opponent had chosen to make a huge risk. By using the reserve airdrop option he was missing almost 50% of his army in the first round but the kill count showed how good an option it was. 

Two Caiman dead (one over killed), one Jager over killed, and a Spitting Cobra reduced to critical structure damage. Only a  lucky exchange of the Cobra killing one of the Warrior IVs in the following round stopped their momentum.

The green circle at the bottom left of the picture is the location of the airdropped unit. All the immediate targets were engaged and damaged or destroyed.

In this example the power of combining modifiers shows. The Warrior IV has a GUN skill of 4+ so when it attacked the Jager it had 2D6 base dice for attacking, +1D6 for the burst trait, +1D6 for attacking the flank of the target. It rolled [6, 4, 3, 3] for the attack check so all three secondary dice added +1 to the primary dice by equal or beating the Warrior IV's skill (6 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 9!). The Jager got a dismal defense result of 4 even with the +2D6 modifier for being in the terrain. (9 – 4 = MOS5!, MOS5+PEN7-AR6 = 6 damage, overkill).

Here you can see the second Warrior IV moving up and using split fire in the flank of the Caimans for two kills. Split lets you make a second attack with the same weapon as long as both targets are in your optimal range. In this case a LAC with the advantage of a flank attack modifiers got some great MOS results against the Caimans who with only a PILOT skill of 6+ couldn't defend effectively and even with re-rolls they were both destroyed.


If you want to follow the whole game I have annotated the pictures with details and enhanced them to clarify some actions. It can be found at this URL.


There are a lot of specific rules examples that benefit from using a digital picture example rather than a word example. As we move towards constructing the Beta release of the new rules this is one of the primary actions of development is determining where image examples will improve the reader experience.


Sorry for the less than professional quality of the pics and enhancements but I usually take pictures as a memory aid rather than a goal towards producing a game report document.


In future blogs I'll share some of the table image pictures sent to me by players participating in the Alpha play test.


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