Dream Pod 9 April 2014 Update

We had some fun last week with our April Fools Day 2014 AFD-14 Dragonfly VTOL aircraft announcement, hope you all enjoyed it and will enjoy the real news below.
Dream Pod 9 has a new team member, 3D sculptor, Jason Geyer has joined the team. The Dragonfly is his first of what will be many 3D sculpts for Dream Pod 9. The Dragonfly is a Hopper type VTOL aircraft from the Heavy Gear Universe which we plan to add into the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz. The Dragonfly will be in scale with the HGB line of miniatures, we should have photos the actual miniature ready to show in the next few weeks, for now here is the 3D render of it that was sent off to rapid prototyping.
For those of you wondering about our other sculptors, Jeremy Ortiz will continue to do our new infantry we'll get an update post on the northern infantry out this week. Philippe F. LeClerc , is still busy, and we should have one of the new PRDF miniatures ready to show later this month. Alain Gabois, over at Fusion Models is doing some new upgrade weapon parts for various kits.