New Hoplite APC Now Available to Order!

The new sculpt Hoplite APC for the Peace River faction is now available to order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store and will start shipping the end of next week. The new Hoplite APC with its beefed up size now looks like it can transport 2 squads of infantry around the battlefield. It will be cast in resin and metal parts with the following weapon/part options included: medium rifle, light field mortar, medium rocket pack, light field gun and sat uplink.

For those of you that have the older Hoplite miniatures you can continue to used them as Hoplite APCs in the game. We are going to keep them available for purchase as well, but we have re-named and tasked them as Peace River's Mastiff APC, which only transport 1 squad of infantry. The Mastiff Two Pack will keep the Hoplite Two Packs old product code of DP9-9088.

Here is a direct link to the new Hoplite APC's ordering page on the DP9 Online Store.