Update on the Northern Armylist ebook

An update on the Northern Army List ebook that was originally scheduled for release in January and got way behind schedule. 
I want to apologize to everyone for not updating you all sooner about the delays to the Northern Armylist ebook. I'm the one handling the layout of the armylist ebooks and I had a very personal family matter that I had to deal with which caused the delay. Back in November just before the Blood Debt – Peace River Armylist ebook was finished up, the health of my Mom, Rosie Dubois, took a turn for the worse and she was diagnosed with cancer. During the time that I should have been working on the Northern Armylist ebook I was out of the office visiting her in the hospital and sadly she passed away on January 8th, at the age of 82. After that I had to take more time off to deal with her estate and I've only really got back in working mode since March and been playing a catch-up at work since then. I thank all the staff, friends, and few of you that knew about this for your kind messages during these difficult last months.  
Now there is still quite a bit of work to get done on the ebook, lots of datacards to get finished up and layout to do. I expect to have it all finished up and available on Drive Thru RPG later in May, but until them here is at least a preview of the cover for the Lion's Wrath – Northern Armylist ebook.