It’s sub-list time

With the feedback from the bulk of the Alpha testing being put together for the Beta Rules release now is the time to survey our players and put together the schedule for Alpha development of the faction sub-lists.
Please visit the forums and vote for the sub-lists that you want to see under discussion first!

The poll will allow me to direct the focus for the first round of sub army list development for Heavy Gear.
We want to give the lists that players need the most to play out there as soon as possible. The poll will help do that.
A sub list is an army list that derives from a core faction list and may include (but is not limited to) any of the following:
  • limitations on model availability
  • adjustments to Unit Availability (UA) ratings
  • sub-list only model options
  • sub-list only upgrade options/limits
  • limitations of support options
  • access to models from more than one core army list (within parameters)
  • limitations on specific UAs as only Primary or only RSU units
The goal is that each sub-list can be condensed into a two page spread that can encompass the sub-list themes.
A new player with no experience should be able to use a sub-list two page spread and the associated core army list(s) to easily build a force of the chosen army.
Each month starting in June I will specify four sub-lists to begin development and present a sub-list proposal, one in each Core Terra Novan army.
Each sub-list will occupy one core thread in the Alpha section to contain discussion and should result in a beta ready test document after 3-4 weeks. This period will be extended with a deadline if the list requires more discussion.
The major goal of Sub-list development is to allow for the model organization available in the Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual and Field Guides to be preserved.
Not every single weapon loadout possibility will be guaranteed but within reasonable limits players should be able to port their Blitz armies into the new Blitz rules with a minimum of effort.
This poll will run until May 8th, the order of Sub-list development and initial proposals will be announced on or before May 30th.
Note that the NuCoal city states with an asterix (*) may be combined into a single sub-list since they are all a variant on the NuCoal+X list variation.
Thanks! Your opinion and assistance is important!
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