Spring Promotion on the DP9 Online Store

Dream Pod 9 is starting a new Spring Promotion on the DP9 Online Store this week and running until the start of June, to get players into Heavy Gear Blitz and playtesting of the new edition rules in development now.

We have added some new Custom Task Forces for the North, South, NuCoal, and Peace River which include the General Purpose, Strike, Fire Support and Recon combat groups for the present HGB rules along with a 6th miniature choice per squad for your command or extra gear in the new edition rules. With adding the 4 extra gears we kept the price the same as the older Task Forces by removing the small b&w Field Manual rulebook and the infantry platoon. 

These new Custom Task Forces are priced at 40% off the total suggested retail price of the all the items included. Plus they have a selection of add-on items (including the book and infantry platoon) at special prices (about 20% off) that can be added to them only as part of the Custom Task Force.

Also as part of the Spring Promotion the Two Player Starter Kits for Heavy Gear Blitz and Arena are now only $49.99 each and all the Heavy Gear Blitz Starter and Army Boxes are $89.99 each.

Plus, by request we have added 2 new Armor Deals for the Southern faction players, the first with 2 Main Battle Tanks (Visigoth and Visigoth Khan) and 3 Light Tanks (Hun, Ballista, and Ostrogoth). The second is 4 Hovertanks (2 Hetairoi, 2 Hetairoi Spark, and 2 Long Fang variant guns) to make anyone of the Southern Humanist Alliance Hovertank combat groups.

Here links to the new Custom Task Forces and Armor Deals for you to check them out and get into the game at a great starting price.

New Peace River Custom Task Force which even includes an option to get the new Greyhound model as your 6th miniature in the Patrol Squad