First Copy of the Scimitar Preview

I picked up the first resin copy of the Scimitar miniature last night, assembled it and took some photos today for you all to see how it turned out. The model is now in the hands of our master painter, Jean-Denis Rondeau, who will do his magic on it this week. Once that's done and the blister cards made with the nice color paint job, lots of Scimitars will be shipped off to Gen Con. The final production miniatures will be a mix of resin and pewter parts, small parts in pewter and the larger parts like legs, torso, etc. in resin.

The image included with this post shows the assembled resin parts glued together and unpainted. The extra parts shown are to make the different variants and there are images of the variants below. You will notice that the hands are on the weapons, each hand has a hole in the back to attach onto a peg on the end of the each arm. This is to make it easier for players to swap weapon options, we also include 3 sets of the top turret parts to make the 3 variants and do fast weapon swaps for them as well. Plus the kit even includes two hands without the weapons on them, in-case you want to swap weapons around or not use one of the weapons to make your own custom look.

The second image is of the Scimitar with other Northern Gears for size and with all the other Gear Striders.