Beta Rules post Gencon

There is a certain joy to the feeling that the rules that you personally have had a connection to developing being well received. The beta rules have been downloaded for free over one thousand times now and the game reports, rules comments and questions are starting to pick up to the point where an update of know problems will need to by released. The update should be arriving in the second week of September, after the back to school rush.

As part of the new push on to get more players driving Gears around their tables the pod squad is going to be getting out and spreading the word. If you want to part of these dedicated volunteers who promote all things Heavy Gear get in touch with us and we will get you in contact with our coordinator Joe.


As we get back into our grove here at pod command HQ we're looking toward our kickstarter in the fall. We're letting people know early so that we can hear your feedback about what you want to see as rewards and other details. We've announced that we intend to do this kickstarter about the Rules and the production costs of getting a full rulebook, and we want to know what you think about that too.

As more and more edge cases appear (Can I shoot IF from inside a building?) and other things become clearer (how many people can or do abuse hand grenades/shaped charges) and points of the rules and lists where outright adjustment is required (missing GREL hoverbikes and Heteroi hovertanks in NuCoal for example) we start to get a clearer picture of how the beta shakedown cruise of the rules are going.


The nice part about a beta rules set is that they are quite literally in flux, though some parts are more locked down than others. The thing to remember is that the most in flux point of the rules right now is the threat point values (TV) of  each model and the unit availability of the same. Ideally each model has no more than three UA but some have more or less.


Another part of the rules we are looking at carefully is the sub-lists, specifically where the rules as written can be abused. Additionally where the lists may require additional limitations or options. Ideally each list is complete with enough detail to be interesting as a variant but not enough to be bloated by additional things to remember while playing the game. Ideally each year after the core rules are released we will release a book with additional material for new models, variants, sub-lists, and potentially even new factions.


This is really the most exciting thing is that in the future the war for Terra Nova may be expanding to include far more than the armies we have.


At Gencon this year I was also having some interesting discussions about how the new core rules can accommodate the setting of Arena, Rally, and campaign rules of play. While only the barest of document outlines exist at the moment there is the very real possibility of a PDF only release providing the player groups with what they need to build arena teams to play.


This is a short blog today since I'm still recovering from my Gencon cold and the post-con rush of getting all the orders we've received out the door has limited time somewhat.


So keep the comments and ideas coming, Gear Heads!