Wargame Vault Annual Winter Offensive Sale, with 25% Off ebooks is on now!

All Dream Pod 9 ebooks on Wargame Vault, which is part our exclusive ebook reseller DriveThruRPG, and all our titles on DriveThruRPG are now on sale at 25% Off until Monday, Janauary 5th, 2015.


Here is a direct link to the Dream Pod 9 ebooks section of Wargame Vault, which includes Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles and Gear Krieg wargaming ebooks:



For our full line of ebooks for Heavy Gear roleplaying and wargaming and all our other game lines please visit DriveThruRPG at the following link.



Also, some new product news, Dream Pod 9 has added new individual plastic bases to the Dream Pod 9 Online Store which are now available to purchase. These include our previously available, 25mm slotted hex bases, flight bases and 40mm round bases. Plus we have new 30mm and 50mm round bases in black plastic, here is a direct link to their ordering page.