Running the old Relay… (Preview)

In the forthcoming update/rewrite of the beta rules (due out as soon as layout and final checks get it ready) there are not a lot of new parts. There are some sections that have been eliminated and you can find the list of those here.


A truly new part of the rules debuted as part of the satellite uplink section, the ability to relay using other models as intermediaries. This concept is now being extended to any model with the Comm:X trait.


The Heavy Gear battlefields are an interesting environment considering how we assume that the standard state of communications is Jammed. This led to the creation of the Formation rule: A model that is within 6" of their unit commander or Commanding officer is in formation and can receive command points wiout requiring to commander to use an action, and benefit from orders the commander is issuing.


A relay lets you extend that further than 6".


Comms Relay:

Models with the Comms:X trait may act as Relays for other models in a Combat Group, extending the reach of the Commanders Formation. The Relaying model must be in Formation with (6” from) the commander or another Relay model. All other models in Formation with the Relay model are then considered in Formation with the Commander, regardless of their distance from the Commander model. Multiple models may Relay, allowing the potential for a Commander to be in Formation with a model one or more Relays away.


This allows you to string a line of relays allowing a commander model to support friendly models with command points, or orders.


This is the kind of rule that I would term a skill rule. It takes skill and planning to use it well but when you do it turns an uncertain situation where the commander would have to spend an action to give out the command point re-roll to a certain situation where you not only save the commanders action but you gain the attack that the commanders action could have been used for.

In addition the I've Got Your Back rule has being in formation as one of the criteria and this will allow models to work together to flank a target.


I Got Your Back:

Friendly Models within 6” of, or in Formation with, a target model may Snap Fire (See 10.4) against enemy models targeting the friendly model with an action. This Snap Fire reaction follows all the normal rules for a ranged attack.

Now it's important to note that in Heavy Gear there is the assumption that the models are capable of operating with some independence. There is no requirement in the game for models to remain near their commander, there are just some advantages to doing so.