Living Rulebook Beta ebook is now Live!

The Heavy Gear Blitz – Tabletop Wargaming – Living Rulebook Beta includes:

– Introduction to the Heavy Gear Universe, and backgrounds on all forces.

– A fast paced and simple, though detailed, combat system with single roll game event resolution for engaging game play.

– Rules for scenario generation, support elements, aircraft, weather events, and advanced deployments such as air drop and stealth deployments.

– Complete Force construction rules for all the Terra Novan Forces, Earth Forces, and other allied Colony Forces.

– Complete model and variants lists for the entire Dream Pod 9 range of Heavy Gear models.

– General, Veteran, and Duelist upgrade lists to customize your Forces.

Plus it also includes separate Force Record Sheet, Game Tokens Sheet and 3 Maps of Terra Nova updated to TN 1950 as part of the downloads.

Please note that most of the vehicle description texts are still missing in the Models List sections, but all the game stats are there. We are still working on these description texts, but decided not to delay the ebook release any longer. We'll get them added to the Living Rulebook Beta as they are ready in the coming weeks. Everyone that downloads the ebook will automatically be informed when a new update is available for download.

Here is a link for everyone to to go check it out, just login to your DriveThruRPG account or create one, its very fast and then download the free ebook.–Living-Rulebook-Beta?filters=0_0_0_0&manufacturers_id=19&affiliate_id=4310