Lynx Two Pack Now Available!

Production molds for the Lynx Two Pack have been made and the two pack is now available on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store. The Lynx Two Pack for the North Faction Forces includes 1 Lynx walker mode and 1 Lynx ground (bike) mode plus two sets of Armored variant torso upgrade parts and panzerfaust weapons.

Phil took the time to paint up the Lynx in both walker and ground (bike) modes with and without the armored upgrade. A photo of the painted up Lynx miniatures along with the pewter parts photo is shown below.

The Lynx is used in North Infantry units and is about the same size as Cheetah Gear for reference. It can also be fielded as a support unit in some Sub-Faction Forces for the South, Peace River, and NuCoal that have the North Allies option. Plus it can also be included in a Leagueless Force.

Here is a link to the ordering page for all interested.