Heavy Gear 20th Anniversary!

The 1st Edition Heavy Gear Roleplaying & Tactical System Rulebook was released 20 years ago this summer at Gen Con 1995.

Over the years we have released over 75 books and hundreds of miniatures for the game. The universe we created has been turned into a 40 episode TV series by Sony and 2 computer games by Activision. A new computer game entitled, Heavy Gear Assault, is in development by Stompybot Productions. And a new edition of the RPG is in the works by Arkrite Press. We launched a successful Kickstarter in late 2014 to make plastic miniatures for Heavy Gear, which we'll be shipping out Backer Rewards later this year. Plus the Heavy Gear Blitz – Living Rulebook Beta with the all the new edition rules is now available as a free Ebook download for everyone to checkout.

To celebrated we are running a special 20th Anniversary promotion on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store from July 20th, 2015, extended to the end of August 2015. All orders of $100 USD or more will automatically receive a free Chibi Jager resin miniature (limit 1 free per customer). Extra Chibi Jagers are available for $19.99 USD each. We have also brought back the Chibi Hunter, our limited edition Christmas and Gen Con minis. Plus we have reduced the price on our Heavy Gear Blitz Master Series Paint Set and Heavy Gear Blitz Battlefoam Bag with standard loadout.

Here is a link to Heavy Gear 20th Promotion Section of the DP9 Online Store for those interested.


Also during the 20th Anniversary Promotion we have unlocked the Heavy Gear Blitz War for Terra Nova Pledge Manager to allow new Backers who missed the original Kickstarter a chance to get the Core Starter Set plastic miniatures deal. Click the link below to setup an account in our Pledge Manager, select your reward level plus any add-ons you want and pay your pledge. We also added the Chibi Jager to the Pledge Manager as an Add-On reward for an additional pledge of $25 CAD each for those Backers who want one added to their reward packages shipping later this year. US and Canadian Backer also pay $15 shipping right away, International Backers have deferred shipping to be paid later in 2015. New Backer reward packages will ship out in our 4th wave of shipping in November 2015.