Bases, so many bases…

By now I hope everyone has seen the awesome pic on our Facebook page that was posted on the 23rd of July.

If you haven't just follow the link


I was thinking about training an army of squirrels to pack all these for me at the workshop but then I did some research and found that it actually may take longer than just doing it… Thank you Tim Burton for figuring that out for me.



Once it's figured out that this was going to be a manual effort we did a little planning and determined that just counting them wouldn't work because it would be too slow. We went on vacation with the idea that we would return to the problem when we got back.


They say that inspiration strikes when you need it most and I struck on the idea that no matter what we tried to do to automate just would end up taking more time and money than just doing it. Little problem though. Montreal in the summer is a very hot place to be with a lot of humidity and the little AC unit in the workshop really wasn't up for the task.


This is how I came to the conclusion that the best solution was just to take the whole pile back to my place and telecommute for a week or so while I packed the bases. Finding a box lid that allows them to be lined up to allow easy counting of bases and voila! I have a system that is getting them packed and I get to enjoy AC, at home, with Jamaican hot pockets and Netflix to moderate the monotony.


So this is me, working away getting components ready to make the turnaround faster for when the sprues arrive in the fall. 


Speaking of the fall it is a good time to mention about the next update.

I've been working to identify issues with the living rule book with the help of play testers and the forum. I can't thank everyone enough for all your enthusiasm and skill, this is truly a community effort. Right now we're doing an intense review of Threat Values for models trying to identify places where we missed the mark. Now more than ever your comments can make a difference.


What really makes the difference to us on a day to day basis is engagement when we post of facebook. Not everyone knows that Facebook makes you pay to get your posts to all of the people who have liked your page. What they do though is they propogate your posting the more people click on the like button or make a comment. So if you like what you see please hit that button because it means that you are helping us contact our subscribers and keep our costs down.


Thanks guys!