Northern Lion Gear Miniature

We received the new Lion Gear miniature for the Northern faction back from rapid-prototyping last week and got the production molds made. We took the time to glue together two Lions with their climbing equipment upgrade installed, plus stock Heavy Autocannon and Heavy Rotary Cannon variant loadouts. Then primed them in light grey and took a few photos of front and rear views, plus alongside a HeadHunder and Jaguar to show their size. The Lion is just a bit taller than a Jaguar, with heavier armor and bulked up legs, torso and shoulders.

The Lion is now available as a Two Pack and Single Pack on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store. The Lion comes with its stock weapons loadout of Heavy Autocannon, multipurpose rear mounted rocket pack and climbing equipment. Both packs also include 1 x Heavy Rotary Cannon, 1 x Medium Bazooka, and 1x Medium Particle Accelerator weapons to make the Lion variants.

Here is a link to the online store Northern miniatures section, the Lion parts and 4th and 5th from the top, where you can also checkout a photo of all the metal parts.…