Latest Kickstarter Update: New Poster with Quick Start Rulebook Cover Artwork!

This week we have news on the artwork front. We had announced during the Kickstarter that our original Heavy Gear artist, Ghislain Barbe, had agreed to do the cover artwork for our new Quick Start Rulebook. He started working on it earlier this summer, but an illness in the family has been taking most his free time and he had to withdraw from the project. We understand, family always comes first, all the Dream Pod 9 Staff pray for his loved ones speedy recovery.

We loved the Heavy Gear Assault computer game concept artwork done by Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe for Stompybot Productions. So we contacted him to see if he had time to do the cover artwork for us and he agreed. We made a cover concept using the 3d models from the Kickstarter along with some background terrain and building ideas using photos of the Badlands Outpost and Stoneheads. You can checkout concept cover mockup in the attached image and see how it is designed to wrap around to the back cover.

Lorenz then did his magic painting over the 3d models and adding background and special effects to bring the battle scene alive. He finished up the Quick Start Rulebook cover artwork for us last week and we have decided to make a nice 11" x 17" poster using it to promote the upcoming release next year. The attached image has the poster top and cover concept below that everyone can checkout. Click the link below to be transferred to the poster download page and see the full size (2.8 Mb, PDF) which you can save on your home computer and printout.…/HeavyGearBlitzIncomingFor2016Posteron…

We hope you all love Lorenz's amazing job on the new artwork. If you want you can checkout some of the other great artwork online he did for Heavy Gear Assault, click the following link.

Thank you all for great support and understanding in the change of cover artist.