The Brute

In the NuCoal section of the living rules on page 147 there is a fun list called KADA, or Kayr-Ad-Din Army with a special rule called The Brute. "One non-commander Duelist may select a Strider type model from the North, South, Peace River, or NuCoal force lists."


These kinds of rules just begs to be used to build unique and characterful model for your force. Now not every player will build a KADA force, but every player should because it allows for a unique and fun force to build.

For my Brute I know I wanted to start with a Cataphract for 26TV. There's just something about the implied violence of a Cataphract model that deserves to be turned up to 11. You add the required Vet trait for 2TV for the skill point and then start looking at other upgrades.


The next thing I did was add the Melee Specialist trait. An extra 2D6 modifier to my melee attacks would really help me avoid being swarmed and make any attacks in melee as lethal as possible.  For a total of Brawler:4? Yes please. +2TV.


Then I chose the Paired Weapons trait as nothing beats a 1TV re-roll in melee. 


I could take the Advanced control systems but at 4TV I don't think that extra action would be effective in the course of the game. Instead I went for the Quickdraw trait for 2TV which allows me to give the Auto trait to the Medium Rail Gun for a nasty surprise when someone snipes at me. The Auto trait allows me to snap fire with the weapon without  using an action and since it is not being fired during my turn it will leave me more actions to run and attack in melee. With a 12" to 18" deployment zone depending on the scenario my Brute could be attacking up to 30" from my board edge at the end of the first turn.


Here is my Brute model, Brutarian: Total: 33TV.

Pictured, a Work in progress picture of Brutarian, seller of breakfast cereal.


To build Brutarian I added a second Heavy Vibro Sword that I trimmed down to make it more of  a Gladius than a cleaver. Four Spiked Arena shields and two sprues of arena spikes for the shoulders, toes, and hips. A 60mm dessert base provides stability. I mounted the Railgun on the shoulder simply because I liked how it looked there.


I re-posed the legs to give a purposeful striding forward position that emphasizes Brutarian's goal, to show you why melee now matters in Heavy Gear.


I'm sure I'll get some questions in relation to this blog post asking why you can't do this in a Peace River Army. Well, balance for one! The Peace river army can already have a Cataphract that could do 95% of everything this guy can do. Plus for a special list for an army like Kada there isn't any need for DP9 to release a special kit for a Cataphract duelist. You can already use the DP9 parts service to custom order the parts you want to create the extra spiky gear or strider of your dreams.

Get set to start brutalizing… in 5 , 4, 3, 2, 1…