Caprice Mounts Part Sprues Preview!

Today we did a new Kickstarter Update for our Backers with a preview of the Caprice Mounts parts sprues all shown to scale with a ruler in cm at the bottom. The image attached with this post shows the Acco Mount parts sprue at the top, followed by the Mounts A parts sprue that includes the bodies and weapons for the Meggido, Aphek, Kadesh and Bashan Mounts. Under that is the Mounts B parts sprue that includes the legs, hip part, and jumpjets for the Meggido, Aphek, Kadesh, Bashan, and Ammon Mounts. At the bottom is the Ammon A parts sprue with the Ammon's body and weapons.

As we get the other model parts sprues finalized we'll show more update previews. Once all the parts sprues are completed and approved by the mold manufacturing company, we'll be able to know when the approximate date they will be completed and when we'll be able to start popping plastic. We hope that will be in late 1st quarter 2016 and we'll be able to start shipping Backer Reward Packages soon after that.

Thank you all for your patience and amazing support.